Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The accident of a poor family

sweedieeee!!!! Is time for school, your late
already. Mum’s voice flew into my ears, i did
a little
stretch looking at the wall clock its 8.03am
What!!!! I exclaimed, got up as
quick as possible, bumped into the
shower and was out in less than a minute, i
didnt even used the mouth wash, i grabbed ma
bags and eye lenses kissed my mum goodbye
and then hit the road.
Well my name is desire lance, a 15 years old
kid who lives in greenville. My school
greenville high was just down the road. My
mum always thougth i was a dull kid, but
heeey i just hated my school, i got bullied
every single day, i never really saw myself as
lucky but as a kid, have got really big dreams.
Well atleast i didnt realize what big dreams
meant but as much as i would love to be a
popular don juan who knows how to do a
couple of things, i think i just wanna be that
person nobody sees(invisible). And thats
because things always gets weird around
Finally got to school in such a hurry
Oh….my God not again i forgot my lens again!
**** the doctor was clear when he said you
want to see clearly, you’d be needing those
I thought to my self, things cant get any be
worst than it already is can it?….
Before i forget am a high school finalist. I got
to my class, shocked to see mrs Queen our
English tutor already in class. I
thought of going back home, wouldn’t want to
start my day with troubles but there’s this part
of me that refused to back down
“wheeew” like a wind i almost flew in when
she turned yelling my name Desire!!!!! What
the hell
do you think your doing???
Omg!! I frozed as i watch my own heart sink.
This time all attention was on me, i could only
wish i had shells to crawl into. Mrs Queen in
her ever harsh tune congratulation boy you
just doubled your punishment, now go back to
your sit your gonna get what you
deserve right after my class. To say i was
scared would be total understatement.
Every single kid kept laughing like they just
witness a real life hilarious scene.
as usual, i guess am already used to this
embarrassment, i heard people call names like
nerd, douchbag etc, all the time. But those
ain’t new to me because i was beginning to
think it was normal for me.
Finally the she devil finished
teaching and was ready to sentence me to
maybe 100years of shame or a thousand? Just
couldnt get any worst.
I was tied to pools stake as usual but this time
every kid in my class threw water balls at me,
i just stared into an open space feeling angry,
hurt, hated, different.
Then it dawned on me, it doesnt matter how
bad i feel, i still have to keep my emotions in
check. I was begining to doubt if i had any
pride at all
My week went smooth and i
thought my high school years would be
remarkably awesome, thought i would raise
my shoulders high and say am now
a man but as time flew by i got bullied by my
class mate who claims am not supposed to be
in their school and then i found myself
gradually becoming more
introverted, shy, timid, soft hearted kid with
inferiority complex well i wont fail to
mention i was given the name
Greenville’s clown.
while the balls was thrown at me i thought
about my life in greenville then i admitted to
myself i had no pride left in me.
Finally my punishment was over, i was really
soaked with water but somrhow the pains my
heart felt was expressed on my face and i
guess it only made me look funnier cos
everyone got to laugh like they were in the
I got to the bathroom to clean myself up,
looking into the mirror all i saw was a broken
kid i just grabbed my bags and ran home.
I got home ran passed my dad who just stared
like hey whats wrong with that kid.
*********MY FAMILY*********
My dad a medical proffessioner/counsellor
who spent most of his time on road trips,
while mum was an event planner, other than
that she
was always invited to talk shows like
relationships, parents and kids issues in
general while my big
sis…. Kourtney studies law in college and then
ofcourse me.
Honey whats wrong with that kid he just ran
passed me into his room without a word.
Mum: uhmm keith have been trying to tell you
but you’ve been a little busy lately.
Ever since he started high school he’s been
acting all weird plus he’s never gotten good
grade i think he needs a father and son chat.
Dad: Annie am gonna try but you know that
kid has never taken my advice seriously i
think kourtney could be of help.
Mum: alright then am calling her right away.
I remained locked up in my room for that day,
who cares about food this time have had just
enough of those bullies, i just couldnt take it
anymore, those were the last word i thought of
before sleeping.
I was awaken by the constant banging on my
door, hmmm i guess this person doesnt want
to give up. I stood up groaning like i
was having the worst hangover of my life, i
dragged my self to the door with blurry eyes.
KOURTNEY!!!! I yelled abit seeing my big sis
standing at my door with her ever pretty smile,
just then i fell into her arms and that was the
last thing i remembered.
She held him in her arms as she called out for
her parent, who rushed upstairs, while dad
bundled me into his car.
I woke again seeing a really bright fluorescent
lights, so bright that i kept trying to see for
sometime but my eyes were hurting and
blurry, finally i could make out images of my
sis and images of a few individuals in white
until it dawned on me i was at the hospital.
Finally i could see abit clearly, although still
blurry cos i wasnt having my lenses on.
Kourtney!! I thought excitedly as i tried sitting
up but my head ached so bad i couldnt help
but scream.
Which caught her attention. Dee your awake!
Just relax ok am right here. That was when
i realised i was on drip, i really wanted to hug
her and cry over her shoulder, but right now
all i
could do was let out a painful smile.
i just came back from school early this
morning after dad called last night with a tone
that seems like theres an emergency. I
got home walked straight to dee’s
room, i smiled to myself with the
thought of how happy he’s gonna be on seeing
me. I knew he missed me alot like i did to,
then he passed out in my arms.
And now here’s my dee looking very fragile,
whatever happened he must has been hurt so
bad i really cant stand seeing him hurt she
finally let out. I know its kinda hard but you
have to get better.
I saw a drop of tears from her right eye and all
i did was nod.
******MY PARENTS*******
DOCTOR: I suppose you are mr and mrs lance,
well there’s actually nothing physical wrong
with your son
MUM: *smiling* i guess my boy is perfectly
DOCTOR: Actually from our diagnoses your
son is suffering a very high level of emotional
stress issues if not attended to can result into
a psychotic
break down.
DAD: What!!!
DOCTOR: Yes he’s body system just couldnt
take it any longer, it shuts down, which
resulted to fainting and the coma state he’s in.
Not to worry he’d be alright but then he has to
be kept away from being worried about the
past, and if he could be happy for atleast
3months, that way whatever form of emotional
stress he’s going through, would have reduced

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