Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Pastor adewale the great man

I had to admit that d theme of the concert which was ‘Opening
Heaven’s Gate’ was not an exaggeration. The atmosphere seemed to be charged with d
power of God & d singers seemed to possess angelic voices
even though I hadn’t heard d voice of an angel b4. I was
lost in a world of my own when I suddenly heard, “We would now
like to welcome a young lady whom God really took time to design & package. After moulding her,he put in her throat an angelic voice which cannot be rivaled. Pls put ur hands together as we welcome
Miss Belina Badmus
My heart started running a 100m
race & I remained on seat for some seconds until I summoned
courage to stand up. I walked up to d programme coordinator
& smiled as I collected d mic.
I faced d congregation &instantly wished I could disappear but that did not happen, then I remembered
Kelvin was somewhere amongst them & everyone seemed to
vanish b4 my eyes.
I had previously arranged for a piano to be set on d altar.After taking in enough breath I introduced myself & introduced d song. I
planned on singing a personally written single since I had no
back-up so I sat down behind d piano & d show began.
Immediately d songs started coming, Richard instantly knew that his attendance was not a
mistake but he felt that he was looking for something more. He
received a text message & his
attention was instantly diverted to his phone.
His head jerked up as he heard someone speaking but his
breath was instantly taken away as he stared at d slim figure on d altar. The sky blue filmy gown she wore perfectly brought her
curves to light. She was d perfect description of figure 8.
He left d gown & d next
thing that came to his eye was the hair; long, black,& oh-so-
beautiful . He has d urge to touch it in order to feel d texture. His eyes then moved fully
to d face & all d words that came to his mind could not do justice to that work of art.
Her eyes seemed to tell a story.
There was a moment of uncertainty in her eyes & a bold stare replaced it. He
desperately wanted to be close to her in order to find out d mysteries behind d eyes.
Of everything he saw, it was her song that totally blew his mind
away. He stared at her as her slim fingers pressed d piano. She
seemed to draw everyone into her song with so much ease that
within seconds, Richard found himself listening to d lyrics of d song
Tony had earlier on stepped out to receive a phone call from
Prisca, d damsel that captured his heart,& was away throughout d ministration.
When the lady in blue finished her song, stood up & curtsied with a lovely smile on her face,
Richard wished he was closer in order to capture her that way. An ear deafening applause followed & Richard joined
Tony came in 5mins after Belina’s presentation & found
Richard looking around like he was searching for something.
“Are u looking for me? Tony asked
Richard stared at tony like he had suddenly grown horns
“this ridiculously long talks u have with prisca would soon put u in trouble. U have just missed d best performance this
Tony hissed, “when u allow urself to love again,u would find urself doing d same
thing. So, who sang?”
Richard opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out, that
was when he realized that he was d biggest idiot in West
Prisca stood at d veranda of her dad’s house thinking about
d love of her life, Tony. She remembered d first time she set her eyes on him & dwelt on
it though it was not such a pleasant day.
She had been standing by d road looking dejected. She was
close to tears & she felt stupid.
She had gone to visit her boy friend at ikeja but she ran out when he almost raped her. She had been thought by her parents to remain chaste till marriage & that fool thought he had seen a mugu. She had been lucky that her bag was close to d door but after walking some
distance, her bag was snatched from her & all she was left with was her shirt, her trouser &
her flat shoe.
She stood by d road & no matter how much she hated it, she had to stop a private car. The
first car happened to be Tony’s car & immediately he
consented to carrying her, she entered & did not as much as glance at him throughout d
drive. Tony wanted to say something cos he was not used to being overlooked but when he
looked at her, he noticed that she
was secretly crying so he kept quiet. He dropped her at her
door step even after she insisted on coming down earlier. After he
left, Prisca had been sad that she didn’t really appreciate his help but after some days, she forgot
all about him.
He appeared on her doorstep 2weeks later & d rest is history.
Prisca left d veranda smiling as she went inside & when she
saw d picture she had snapped with Belina, she decided that she
would involve another person in their escapade.
There is a saying that it is when there is trouble that u remember ur creator, but I would advise u to remember
ur creator always so that trouble would flee from you
Adewale arrived at Living Faith Bible Church & met d place open. He hadn’t been to church
for more than 2months so he was surprised when he saw some changes in d church.
He headed towards the altar looking like a prodigal son &when he got there, he knelt
down & all he could do was stare blankly. He stared at d pulpit & remembered d times
d pastor had preached on Faith but it made no sense to him then.
He held onto d pulpit & tried to say something to God but nothing seemed to come out of
his mouth so he let his thoughts do d talking.
He laid on d altar some minutes later & felt peace from within.
All his thoughts & worries seemed to have flown away &
within minutes, he was asleep.
Tunji laid on his extra-large bed in similarly massive room
thinking about what he had planned to do for d night. His mind kept on telling him that it was not a good idea & that it was too risky but he ignored it.
He had seen Belina at his dad’s birthday party & had instantly fallen for her. He had bragged
& told everyone that she would
be his girl soon but he had tried
all his possible best and hadn’t
been able to get her to at least
smile in his direction for the past
one month.
His phone started ringing and he
when he noticed that it was
Belina’s father, he picked up
immediately. After talking for
some minutes, he hung up and
really had a reason to smile. He
dialed Tolu’s number and he
picked almost immediately.
“There is going to be a change of
plans, meet me here in thirty
minutes”, he said and hung up
As Tony and Richard made their
way home, Richard was busy
thinking about the damsel in
blue gown and therefore was
very silent, Tony noticed this and
joked about it but Richard said
he was just stressed up.
Richard got home and made a
mental note to relax well in order
to banish the reoccurring
thought and immediately he
opened his wallet, a passport
slipped out of his wallet and as
he picked it up, his nightmares
returned. He stared at the
passport of Tonia which he took
her to snap about a year ago and
all he wanted to do was work
until dawn so that he would not
sleep and have nightmares.
Mr. Badmus dropped the phone
on the table and smiled. ‘Now
things are going as planned’, he
thought. If she would not accept
the easy way, she would accept
the hard way.
I walked into my ever silent
street around 9pm in the night
after the concert. My ministration
had gone so well that I had been
thanking God all through. I
banished all thoughts of Kelvin as
I made my way home cos I
wouldn’t want him to spoil my
After the service, I received so
many thanks from people around
and the coordinators gave me an
envelope which I hadn’t opened
yet including a bag which I guess
contains beverages and other
things. I had just stepped out of
the church when a girl of
eighteen walked up to me and
said, “Miss Belina?”
I turned around, “yes?”
“Pls ma, i love your voice, your
song and everything about you
and I would like you to be my
mentor, plsss?”
I laughed, “for starters, I am not
ma, you can call me Belina,&why not, I would definitely be
glad to be ur mentor”, I said.
She was so happy that she jumped on me & apologized later & I laughed. We later
exchanged numbers &she promised to call me.
I was about entering my compound when I made a mental note to jot down everything that happened today
in my diary, d day seemed to be a blessed day. I entered my house & I was instantly
grabbed from behind. The last thing that came to my mind
b4 I passed out was, “I don die”
“Brother Wale..”, pastor Adewuyi called.
Adewale opened his eyes slowly & the first thing that he saw
was a ceiling fan. I don’t have a ceiling fan in my house, he
“Brother Wale, are u ok?” d pastor asked looking worried.
Adewale turned to d speaker & noticed that it was Pastor
Adewuyi & became more confused. Am I here for deliverance? He wondered but when he sat up, he noticed that
he was on d altar
everything that happened including the reason why he was
there became clear to him. He looked at d pastor & said,
“Pastor, I am not ok, in fact, I am distressed”.
Pastor Adewuyi took Adewale to his office & Wale relayed d events of d past 2days to d pastor.
Pastor Adewuyi sighed & said to Wale, “u have to be strong for urself & for ur friend.
The devil puts fear in our hearts in order to make us doubt God.
You need to be close to God now more than ever cos surviving a coma can only happen with God”
Adewale sighed & nodded b4 he joined hands with d pastor & they prayed for more
than 20mins. Adewale
left that place feeling confident that God would definitely do
something spectacular.
Prisca dialed Belina’s number d 9th time that night & still heard” the number had been switched off. She hissed as she threw d phone on d bed.

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