Sunday, November 4, 2018

You and I - The Never Ending Mystery of Relationships

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We need relationships to thrive. We are social beings (not to be mistaken for 'party animals'!) and we seek, even strongly yearn for companionship, love and friendship. We grow within the edicts of our relationships and as a result, they end up defining who we really are. There definitely are laws that govern the nature of a relationship - any relationship. Some of them are universal - trust, love, respect, empathy, and healthy communication. Some are different for different people.

The one universal truth across countries and cultures is the need to understand and acknowledge your partner's way of life and beliefs, in turn helping validate their presence as the other half. The onus lies on both partners in the union. Ultimately, what creates respect and acceptance for each other is the acknowledgment of each other by each other. And both must put in equal effort here.
So what of commitment? Can you force it out of him or her?
Simply put, commitment originates from the heart, and once felt, it has the power to stay - till eternity (even though some may not agree). This of course doesn't mean you overlook a cheating partner or turn a blind eye to a relationship going rapidly downhill. It means staying closely connected with your heart, which only happens through honesty - whether the scenario is good, bad, or ugly.
Honesty safeguards trust between two people and it provides a platform for true concern, thereby establishing an atmosphere where both can be happy. Truly, honesty made soft with love IS the best policy.
Most importantly, there is a universal thread forming the warp and weft of the magic that is life and that is our need to give and take. The bartering of emotions can sometimes prove to be the core of our sustenance on this planet. It is the fountainhead from whence contentment flows. However, what about giving? Our need to shower and offer our love openly is equivalent to our need receive it back.While you are always there for your better half, do you ever give him or her the opportunity to be there for you?
In any relationship, it is vital to feel needed, to be able to show and to demonstrate how we feel. This need when appreciated by the other places the relationship on equal footing. If this equality is tarnished, it makes one feel unwanted. It is important for your partner to know that he or she is ' oh-so-crucial' for you.
Entrusting yourself in the hands of people you care about is the backbone of any relationship. If they feel the same way for you, as you do for them, they want you to be passionate about them too.
Trust is the highest homage you can pay a relationship - the ultimate declaration of your faith in him or her. Sure, it makes you vulnerable. But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If we remain too scared to trust we will never know the joys of love and surrender.
Relationships are a focal part to our lives. Not only do they help shape us into the human beings we will eventually become, but also, more importantly, they offer us the perks of a lasting companionship.
Besides, relationships are meant to be an easy experience not a hair tearing disaster! Getting them right is never easy&but they are worth that effort.

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