Thursday, November 1, 2018

the grip of fear(horror)

Sitting close to her in church, he looked
focused on what the preacher was saying. Suddenly, Helena’s phone beeped…
It was a text message.
She stretched for her phone beside her to see
what it was this time.
The number one suspect was MTN and their
anooying “love messages”. Raising the phone, she must have pressed OK
when the phone slipped off his hands onto
Tayo’s body.
As a nice guy he always wants to seem,
Tayo got hold of the big-screened phone and had a sharp sweeping glance at the message
on the phone,
He couldn’t believe it.
It was GTB’s alert and the amount was #2,
350, 503. 00…
Whaaattt? Considering how fast Tayo gave her back the
phone, Helena never suspected he saw it.
Even if he saw it, she wouldn’t mind.
At the end of the service, Tayo “marked” Helena so closely and managed to start a
It was swift, he got her number and everything
started happening fast.
You don’t meet this opportunity everyday.
A babe with 2million in her account? Chineke Lekwe !!!
3 weeks after, Tayo shocked Helena with a
marriage proposal.
Helena was a church sister. She doesn’t
believe in dating. She believes that the man that would marry her should come straight up
with a proposal.
Tayo has fit into that.
“Oh Tayo must be a Godly man” she
He didn’t even ask for her to come visit his house…
Unlike other guys, he didn’t ask for s#x.
Now, he proposed?
What a lucky girl Helena believed she was.
Piam… Piam… Piam… Tayo and his people had come for the
Now, they have the list.
It’s not that expensive. He hustled to raise
some cash and piam!
They ve done the marital rites. What a sharp guy !!!
He did his best to avoid letting Helena know
that her money was the main attraction why
“everything” was happening, so he never
her abourrit. .
On that same night, while they were in the
room enjoying themselves,
Helena’s phone beeped again.
Another text message.
Helena pressed some buttons and Lo, it was the same alert again.
This time around, the amount has risen to 3
million naira.
Helena hissed…
Tayo jumped up from the bed wondering why
his new found maga of a wife would hiss like that, as he glanced through the phone once
again, and didn’t know when he shouted
But Helena would need his help;
“Daddy, please I’m tired of this text message that is always putting me in trouble. My aunty
that is in Canada opened an account using my
phone number as the contact number a day
before she travelled. She did it on emergency.
But now, I want to inform the bank to remove
my phone number from that account before armed robbers would see this alert in my
phone and attack me.”
On hearing this,
Tayo froze in shock with his mouth and eyes
wide open, as he couldn’t believe what he just heard.
He can’t seem to breathe well again…
Was the only loud scream that he could utter.
. “Baby’m… Is anything the matter”… Asked
Helena who was now surprised…
Can Someone Here Please Answer Helena
Abeg… I No Sure say Tayo Go Survive This Shock,
‘Yes I Do’, he replied with a grin.
He’s tall, slender with bears. Dressed in a white suit while his soon to be wife was fully clad in her beautiful white gown adorned with diamond stones.
Her heels gave her an extra height, as she is the petite type with a beautiful face. Her red lips and round hips are her best features.
While her husband had brown eyes she had blue eyes which could light a whole room of darkness. They always teased each other about their features and made fun of who was taller and shorter.
‘Grissel do you take this man as your lawful wedded husband’ the priest asked again for the second time.
Grissel was deep in thoughts.
“Babes are you okay?” Tom her husband to be asked with a shoulder tap.
He was every lady’s dream but that morning he belonged to his shy and gentle heartthrob.
“Huh!” she exclaimed.
‘The priest asked a question’ he announced with a frown.
‘I’m sorry’ she apologized to no one in particular.
Among the crowd were murmurings as to why she was so lost in her thoughts.
“We can continue”, she quietly announced to the old priest reading the vows.
They wrote their own vows but Grissel told him that morning when she sat beside him during the service that she had forgotten what she memorized.
Tom didn’t want to sound angry on his long awaited happy day so he quickly arranged for the church vows.
Tom glanced at her with an expression that informed her she’s in for a lot of trouble. She was already having troubles picturing their honeymoon as she’s not sure what to expect.
She was still in her thoughts when the smooth voice of the priest jerked her out.
‘Do you take this man as your law…..?’ The priest was cut short.
Her red small lips went apart quickly. “Yes I do.”
Soon enough the church came to an end and the second part began. She found it difficult to blend in as her husband was giving her faces.
Like earlier on the dance floor, he totally ignored her when she asked what he was doing he could only manage a sigh.
‘Were you having second thoughts.’ he finally asked when they retired to their chair.
The noise and cheers from friends and family gave her headaches, she managed a frown.
‘That’s what I thought’, he concluded for her.
‘No I wasn’t Tom’, I just wa….’
‘Tom can you tell us how you met this Angel.’ The M.C asked while the crowd cheered.
He hesitated for a while but Grissel gave him a slight touch on the thighs and he feigned a smile.
‘Don’t do this to me?’ She whispered.

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