Friday, November 9, 2018

the unfortunate being who became rich

Ayomide: Am not kidding, am very serious
Me: Alright if you said so. ****Looking at her**** “Can it be true” I thought to myself. “What if i later find out that you lying to me” i asked passionately
Ayomide: Why do i have to lie to you
Me: Anyway! That’s not a problem, it doesn’t stops me from loving you
Ayomide: Are you sure
Me: Of cause Yes
Ayomide: Thank you dear
I did not have the intention of having sex with her in the first place, i was only trying my luck, it’s something i haven’t done before. I was born and brought up from a good Christian family, and all this while, i haven’t have sex with any girl. I’ve kissed and hugged twice before. I do pretend to have have sex whenever such topics came up between my friends and i. I will sometimes narrate how i have sex with my girlfriends with the aid of the p--n video that I’ve watched when i was in secondary school.
Before she left that day, i asked her to say hello to my neighbour. Mummy Teni was very happy when she saw her “Neighbour! u carry eyes go market ooo” she said jokingly. We all laughed! “You know say i no fit carry last na” i replied. Ayomide was just feeling shy, she wasn’t that contributing to what we are discussing. I understand she wanted to leave, she has been checking her time, “she has to leave now because of the traffic on the road” i said to mummy teni. “Yeah, it’s true ooo” she replied.
It already half past four, i picked up my bike key and we took off to the park. She was very lucky as she was the last passenger to had join the vehicle going to sango. “Call me as soon as u gets home” i requested as her vehicle took off.
When i got home, i kept on wondering if truly Ayomide is what she claims to be. I decided to let go of everything and hope she doesn’t fails me. After about 1 hour, she called and informed me that she had arrived safely. I was a day i been waiting for, i truly loved her and I’m ready to prove my love for her no matter the situation.
After about six months, things were going on as expected, i wished we could be staying together, talking on phone and seeing each other once in two month is not that enough. She’s is all I’ve got, i so much loved her and she also loved me. Lot of our friends are just too jealous of us, we are just too perfect for each other as we can’t do without each other.
Just as our love was becoming more and more interesting, nomination for operation in the northeastern part of the country hit my unit headquarter. There is no doubt, soldiers will definitely be requested from my unit. The fear that took over me wasn’t as a result of if in anyway i was nominated for the operation but i can’t just bear it leaving the love of my life for a second, we all know the country is seriously fighting insecurity in the northeastern part. At last, i was very happy when it was concluded that all young soldiers should be left out of the nomination as the unit will not be playing full artillery role in the operation. After 3 days, everything turned around when the commander ordered the adjutant to nominate another 50 soldiers that will be play pure artillery role. “This time around we are going to select the best out of the best” the 2ic said while addressing us. “Even if you hide yourself, the recommendation that came alongside your file from Artillery School in Kaduna State will definitely bring you out. So prepare your mind for this operation” The unit RSM shocked me with this words just as the parade was dismissed, leaving me in an ocean of thought. I was unable to eat that night as i thought of the fact that i will be leaving the love of my life behind.
Oh lord! Please help me remove my name for this list. These are the word i kept repeating before Ayomide’s call came in. “What will i tell her now” i thought to myself before picking the call.

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