Tuesday, November 6, 2018

my true life story of being a teenager

I was born into a wonderful family. I had five siblings and a perfect world.
My parents were the strict type yet did everything for me. We lived close to a Catholic church and I knew nothing about the world outside .
To me my family was my whole world and all was perfect.
I hardly mingled with anyone at school apart from academic work that made me chat with everyone. I hardly played with anyone aside my brother.
As i grew up and met people I opened up a bit. However my woes began when I turned 9..
Yea, I can remember my first strange encounter with with a guy. It was on a Wednesday night, almost 8pm. My parents were at choir rehearsals. My elder siblings weren’t around. I was the last child by the way….
I came downstairs to put the fowls in and had to chase one stubborn fowl into one of the room downstairs. The room was dark, the bulbs in it room were all spoilt..
I managed to get the fowl but as i did, i equally was grabbed from behind by someone. I become scared and turned to see who it was, relaxing when I saw he was one of the church attendants.
At first i thought he was just trying to scare me..I asked what he was doing in that room, he said nothing, giggled and pushed me to the floor. Next he started trying to remove my skirt while i fought very courageously, biting his chin real hard that he let go..I ran upstairs while he disappeared. I was so scared that i couldn’t even tell my mum or my dad…
My second strange encounter was In December of the same year when my aunts and uncles came in with their young ones.
It was on a Sunday. I was bathing my nieces and nephews, getting them ready for church when i was attacked by two different boys from the neighborhood. They were twins and ran away when I screamed….. I never took my bath again and never went to church that Sunday.
That was when my hatred for men was formed. I never wanted to be close to them and I was really scared of them…
My immediate elder brother was my only friend, but we were soon separated when my eldest brother took him to Kumasi and I was taken to Accra by my elder sister.
I was kept in a good home where everything was perfect and i still had no idea what it was like to be in the world outside my family .
I attended a single sex school in Accra, where my mates had fun teasing me when they realized I was scared of guys.
Then one beautiful day, we went for a program in another school which was all male. I sat on a chair close to the administration far away from what was being done, trying hard to control my fears..It was there and then that I met this guy Reuben. He came and sat close to me
“Why you here alone?” he asked me. I was silent
“whats your name?” he asked. I finally spoke and told him my name ..
” wow you have a nice voice. Do u sing?” he asked with a smile ..
“no” I replied, and he kind of encouraged me to join a choir, giving me a lot of reasons why i should join.
“wow I said to myself ..this guy is like my family ….he is behaving like my family ..he is not bad .. 🙂 ”
He soon broke my thoughts, asking me to take a walk with him.. it was fun and for once my fears was gone ..I was happy. I had a new brother.
We soon started writing letters to each other. He was so nice to me and because of him I never wanted to miss going out to the stadium during sports and my joining the sports team helped me see him more often.
However before I completed school I meet him at stadium as usual during games and he made me listen to a song .. “two wrongs make no rights” .. by Wyclef Jean…
I never knew it was a goodbye and I that i will never see him again
After Reuben’s disappearance I went back to my old self, completed school and went to college. it was a mixed school and i tried my best to be free with guys since i noticed they weren’t as bad as i thought.
However just when all was about getting rosy something happened once again. This time around, it was with a male student i kind of grew a little close to. His was called John.
On this fateful day, he gave me a call, telling me that he went to town and got something for me. And That I should come get it. I tried to convince him to wait till morning but he insisted, so I called one of my roommates to go with me.
We stepped out of the room to meet my friend
Outside we searched and called him. He kept directing us but we couldn’t find him Until my friend finally said we should spilt. when you find him call me and when I do too I will call u. She said to me.
with that idea we went on different directions.
As soon as I separated from my friend Linda. I spotted him.
“hey we searched the whole compound for you. I have to call Linda and tell her I found you” I said to him. But the moment I brought my phone out he took it from me and said he will make the call himself.
I insisted on making the call myself but he asked me to relax, saying he wants to ask me something first.
ok I agreed, equally asking him what he got for me that couldn’t wait till morning. He smiled and told me to be patient.
I reached out to collect my phone and he grabbed me by the waist and tried to kiss me, forcing me to push him back but he still desperately tried to get his kiss.
I became frightened and began screaming. He finally let go, smiled uneasily and asked if he has raped me.
I answered no, then he asked again if he had harmed me, again I said no and begged him to let me go which he did finally.
I came back to my dorm, feeling very bad.
The next day, I saw him and became frightened once again. He equally avoided me and never came close to me anymore. Only God knew what he intended to do with me that very night he called me out.
Finally there was this guy my heart went out to after many months of being on my own but unfortunately i got to know that he was dating my friend Irene, leaving me with no choice than to hide my feelings and so I choose to be just a friend as to see him often. There was also another like him, but again he also already had someone…
Sometimes we girls do fancy a guy wholeheartedly, but most times the guy we fancy already has someone in his life, leaving us to deal with our feelings which we are good at hiding…
This is a short story of my life. No sugar or salt is being added.
Another incident however soon got me shaking all over again. This time around with someone i respected and considered a saint. Our club president.
Right from the moment i joined the school entertainment club, I was made the secretary. A position i always enjoyed and Abbey the club president was a typical example of a well bred boy. He always acted like a father figure to everyone.
But our path soon crossed in a very embarrassing manner which made me see the real him.
On that fateful Friday, i was leaving school when i ran into him. He looked at me with a raised eye brow and questioned where I was going. I told him home and he asked me to call him later in the day because he would like to discuss something important with me.. I accepted and went my way
I called a couple of minutes to dusk and told him that i was free.. He asked me to meet him at a bar but I didn’t know the place and so he had to ask his brother to come get me.
I met him suspiciously drunk. He got up on seeing me and told me to follow him. I obliged and we left the bar together.
As we walked he asked me some questions concerning the club which I answered. We soon got to a house and he asked me to come inside and collect something. As a young innocent girl, I concluded it was something for the club and went inside the compound with him.
He gave me a chair to sit outside. I patiently waited till he asked me to come in. I obeyed and soon heard the door lock turned.. I quickly turned around with fear while he closed in on me.
He was very strong, plus the drink he took helped him. I fought real good and kept on begging him to stop but he wouldn’t hear it.. He managed to get to my panties which he tore, leaving me with no choice than to scream with all my strength while he fondled me.
His brother however soon showed up, told him to let me go, that i was making too much noise, rudely grabbed me, took me out of the house and put me in a taxi to go home …
I was really terrified when I got home.. The lights were out and it was past 7pm. Luckily my mum did not see the mess I was in..
What on earth made me believe he was interested in talking about the entertainment club…I woke up ill the next day
The semester was a long for me… my corner mate for one reason didn’t like me and I simply avoided her as well.
Months slowly passed by without any incident until one morning when my science teacher called me, saying I failed his class quiz and that he was going to give me a second chance to redeem myself …
Mr. Nkansah our science teacher was very brilliant in science but had one problem women ….
In my confused state I never read in between the line and went down to his bungalow without hesitation . He ushered me in after knocking for some time.
I really was extremely down and quickly asked about the quiz I failed. He asked me to pick up a file for him but as i got up to do so, he pulled me to face him…I knew immediately that the devil has got into him ..
Luckily I was saved by the school bell before he could go further.. The sound of the bell shook me, making me run out on him with great energy and he never disturbed me over it nor failed me. Well perhaps I only assumed things though..
I soon got to my final year in school and was posted to go practice all I have learnt on field..
That was when my life changed
It was a happy moment as I reported on the new school where I was to do my internship. We were 11 students posted there. four guys and the rest females….
The school gave us an apartment and i had a roommate Cynthia
We were soon introduced to the students, assigned immediately to our classrooms and equally given a mentor
Teaching was nice but I still kept my distance although not so much…
My roommate and I were very close. We did so many things together but unlike me she had great experience with life outside family. I just didn’t want her to notice how naive I was, so decided to flow with her….
Days later, i went to the next town to buy some food stuff for cooking and I met a man called Daniel. He was easy to chat with and after walking with me and asking the usually what I called *guy questions* he invited me to a party that night..We exchanged contact and I told him I will let him know if I could make it…
I wasted no time in giving my roommate the details ..she ask me to accept the invitation and so I invited her to come with me
Nightfall soon arrived. I quickly took a shower and put on a sea blue pair of trousers which opens at the end and a plain white small hand top to match…I did my hair and put on my shoe a 4″ heel half shoe.. My roommate was taking her bath by then.
when she came out of the bathroom, she looked at me and asked if wasn’t getting dressed yet ..
.” I’m dressed” I answered
..”hehehehe…forgive me for laughing ..are you going to the market? What is this…? Take it
off…don’t you have a mini skirt?” she asked. I was embarrassed but still wanted to fit in even though i have never worn a mini skirt before ..
“no”..I said to her. She licked her lips, smiled, went to her bag and brought out a red dress and a see-through skinny. she asked me to put it on…
The dress was 9 inches above my knee, clearly not my type. The back was open down to the waist, so you can’t put on a bra..
I put them on, wore a boot underneath and looked exactly like a prostitute desperate to get
I was looking like a prostitute desperate to get customers , while my friend Cynthia wore a white hot trouser and a small top which revealed all her curves. Yea Our outfits really made us look super hot and we equally decided to walk to the club irrespective of the distance..
However, we barely had stepped out of our house when a car pulled up and offered us a free ride…
The driver who couldn’t afford looking at two sexy girls walk by the road side decided to take us to our destination in exchange for my contact.
When we got to our destination he insisted i give him my phone number which i hesitantly did and it kind of spoiled my mind as we walked into the club.
Yea i was disappointed with myself.
I thought of how stupid It was of me to accept going to the club, my outfit and everything. I was deep into my thought when someone tapped me on my shoulder bringing me back to reality.
I turned to see Daniel smiling at me..
“woow. You are a goddess. what a beauty. You had all these hidden under an over sized dress when we met earlier. OMG..you are so beautiful. I pray u don’t get men trouble “. he giggled. I smiled back.
“thanks, actually I do have men trouble since age 9” i answered. He took my hand and lead me to a table inside, sitting around the table were his friends, some were with their girlfriends..
I introduced Cynthia to everyone and she was quickly occupied by a gentleman who came to the party with no girl.
Daniel asked what I will love to take. I told him I wasn’t sure, then I heard Cynthia order for Irish cream and I decided to order same..
“I knew it..what’s up with ladies and friends ordering the same thing” Daniel said. I smiled at him…
Across the table was a guy whose lady was sitting on his lap, but I caught him starring at me several times, making me feel uncomfortable.
Soon everyone started getting up to dance but I chose to remain on my seat. I was very uncomfortable with the way I was dressed and was just praying that nobody I knew would spot me dressed like that…
The guy who was starring at me was asked by his woman to dance which he declined.. Daniel decided to dance with the lady after I told him I don’t want to get up ..
When they left, the guy who was starring at me came to sit next to me.
“i’m Kwasi” he said.
“I can’t help but notice your extraordinary beauty” he added while I smiled…
“yeah continue imagining me in your bed a-----e” I said to myself as he kept tuning me with beautiful words…
“so whats your name” he eventually asked.
“ask Daniel” I replied..
“hahaha your are funny, you have a caressing voice” he muttered. I smiled, of course i knew all he wanted was just to get me in bed. Luckily Daniel soon joined us and I was relieved.
There wasn’t any doubt the guy was a womanizer and apparently his woman knew it as well, because they soon started arguing loudly…
The party continued and slowly I started having fun, getting tipsy in the process. It really was my first time of taking alcohol.
Finally we decided to leave. It was very late in the night, and Daniel said he couldn’t drive us home because he was tipsy but that he will book a place for the night
Cynthia,myself, Daniel and a couple of his friends plus their women headed to a hotel. It really was my first time of walking into a hotel and of course I was terrified. Just the thought of what might happen sent cold shiver all over me..
Cynthia noticing how uncomfortable I was drew close to me and I told me I shouldn’t be scared, promising not to leave me alone with Daniel.. I felt so relived hearing her promise…
The room Daniel got for himself and i was a very big one with two king size beds joined together. It was quite awesome. He paid for three extra rooms for his friends, though the rooms weren’t in any way a match to what he booked us.. It was then that I told him I want Cynthia to come with me but he refused, luckily Cynthia joined in the argument that ensued
” Daniel i’m not living my little sister with you alone.. It’s either the three of us share this room or my sister and I will walk home ” Cynthia threatened, forcing Daniel to reluctantly agree when the noise of our argument got louder.
I held Cynthia’s hand like a baby as we slept together, Damian also laid by my side and at first did nothing silly. I soon dosed off, waking minutes later to feel his hands on my stomach. I turned and faced him, but saw his eyes were closed. I pulled his hands out, cursing and praying. I soon dozed off again and this time I woke to feel his hands all over my b-----s as he squeezed my n-----s gently. I gently told him to stop, but he smiled.
” come on tell me you don’t want to feel me” he asked with a soft voice.
“no please stop” I replied. He drew forward and kissed me on the lips, sending a kind of wave into my head with his action. I broke away from him, sitting up instantly and waking Cynthia with the force i used in sitting up on the bed. Daniel instantly pretended to be sleeping while i sat on the bed and waited for dawn. I couldn’t sleep again ..
To be sincere, it was my first time of recieving such gentle kiss on the lips and I kind of wanted him to do it again but was scared of what could happen next…
It was soon 4.30am and I begged Daniel to take us home before the sun comes up which he did. We spoke on phone afterwards but never met again..

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