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How to Avoid Marriage Mistakes Married Women Make

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When planning your wedding, picking out rings and trying on dresses, you don't see the future ahead of you. Your envision of marriage is a simple life but after the honeymoon it's not quite so easy.

The first year of marriage is the hardest while both you and your hubby are getting adjusted to your new life. While getting ready to walk down the aisle, you're not thinking what it's like after the honeymoon is over. You need to plan for the future and avoid making marriage mistakes married women make. Once you know how to do this, life will run smoother for you.
Keep Your Problems to Yourself
Never tell your friends about your problems. When unloading them on your best friend, she's going to be prejudice and tell you negative things turning you against him, putting a strain on your marriage.
You've been best friends for life and you trust her judgement and when she suggest what you should do, you'll listen to her doing what she advises. Telling her negative things will only make her hate the man you married. When involving a friend, they'll take your side not giving your man a chance. Either you'll cut ties with your husband or your best friend.
Don't Try to Change Him
If you expected him to change before you said your vows, it won't happen. Men are set in their own ways and don't like changes. He met the perfect woman hoping she wouldn't change, but she however, wants him to change.
It hurts him and he loses self-confidence. Making positive changes in yourself will show him you want to be the perfect wife. He sees the better you and will accept some changes in himself. Let him know you love him just the way he is.
Connecting With Him
We all connect with friends, family, social media and message boards. But when it comes to connecting with the most important person in your life, there's no connection. You must connect to keep your marriage alive.
Avoiding this one marriage mistake will save your relationship. Many relationships end because of no connection. You need to build a bond with activities, communication and understanding for marriage to stand the test of time.
Keeping Romance Alive
So many couples lose the spark after the honeymoon. Keeping the flame alive will keep the marriage interesting. Fix candlelight dinners now and then. Dress sexy once in a while and go to a romantic getaway.
Don't make the mistake of letting yourself go. It is such an important part of your marriage. A man likes to look at a well-kept woman. Don't give him the chance to look elsewhere.
These small mistakes can cost your marriage. Don't make them and you'll have a healthy happy marriage.

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