Friday, November 2, 2018

How Rebound Relationships Can Ruin Your Life

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Breaking up with the one you love causes terrible heartbreak. Usually one does not want the relationship to end. Loneliness and desperation turns to rebound relationships.

It seems to be harder on women than men and some women have depended on their partner for financial security. Trying to forget the one who left you makes you vulnerable to most men.
Loving someone so much and trying to deal with their absence is an empty lonely feeling. You want the pain to go away so you get involved with someone you barely know not thinking of the consequences.
Most rebound relationships come from an online dating site, a blind date or someone you met in the bar. Meeting someone through an online dating site can turn into a nightmare.
It's as bad as a blind date because most members are looking for a good time and have a fake profile throwing you off. So when you meet this person, they're totally different from their profile.
The site doesn't screen them and some are rapists, ex-cons and drug users. They know how to turn on their charm sweeping you off your feet and stealing your heart.
Some of these guys are dangerous with uncontrollable tempers, insane jealousy while the other type is dating scam artists going after your money. By the time they show their true self, it's too late.
They've trapped you into a commitment or worse marriage. Rebound relationships can ruin your life if you get involved with losers from these places.
Some women have lived a life of misery with no way out. He threatens her if she leaves and knows everything she does and who she sees. He has isolated her from family and friends throwing her into a deep depression.
Many women suffer mental and physical abuse from a rebound relationship and have nowhere to turn. He usually finds out if she goes to the police and makes her life more unbearable.
Having him locked up doesn't work because he's out in a day coming after her with rage. Usually a restraining order doesn't work either because he ignores this warning and it makes him more angry destroying what piece of life she has left.
If you've gone through a breakup and the pain is too much to deal with, get professional help. Open up to family, friends and the church pastor.
It doesn't seem like the pain will end, but it will in time. Get involved with activities, take on a new hobby and go to singles events.
They're fun and the members are all great people. Most have been through the same thing and understand what you're going through. When you're ready to move on, go to a speed dating event.
The singles are ready for a serious relationship as you are and have been screened. Their profiles are real and they are upper class people who came from a good background.
Rebound relationships can ruin your life if you don't take the time to get over a broken-heart from the one you loved first. You will love again with someone special who will give you a good life. But do not get involved with anyone until you know everything about them.

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