Tuesday, November 6, 2018

how i became A great singer and a great choreographer.

As our interns program gradually came to an end. My roommate travelled to go see her boyfriend. I was left alone in the apartment.
I used the opportunity to prepare my lesson notes and watch TV but later on, I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to see one of our teachers. A young man of about thirty two years old.
“i’m here to check on you guys and to make sure no one travelled without permission. Where is your roommate? ” he asked.
“at the saloon” I lied, covering up for Cynthia.
“how many are you in the room ?” he asked.
“just two” I responded.
“so till your roommate comes back you are alone . I see. What time did she leave for the saloon?” he asked.
“Not long sir” I lied..
“so that means she is not coming back now? He asked.
“No” I answered..
“Can I get a glass of water, i’m thirsty” he suddenly demanded…
I left the door way and he got inside the room, settling on our bed.. I brought out a bottle of water from the fridge, fetched a glass and served him, before sitting a little distance away from him…
“woow you guys are living big. You have your own TV, fridge, radio. You are rich o..hahaha” he said playfully.
I laughed weakly in return.
He however soon shifted and sat close to me. I became a little tense.
“when is your roommate coming back?” he asked again
“i’m not sure” i answered, took the glass and water bottle from him, got up and headed to the fridge. As i dropped the items, i felt his hand as he pulled me from behind
“please I beg. Let me go” i begged.
“ssssh ssssh sssh. I won’t hurt you .I promise” he whispered and pushed me to the bed roughly. I instantly felt a sharp pain at the back of my neck as it hit the edge of the bed. I became weak at once….
Then with little force and expertise, he ripped my clothes and entered me. It hurt so bad. I wanted to scream but just couldn’t. Instead tears filled my eyes as he rode me swiftly. In no time he was done, apologized, threatened me and ran out of the room. In fact the whole deed was agonizing and painful that I can’t get myself to describe the scene the way I would have loved to.
I laid on the bed in agony, managing to get up about an hour later. My body was blood stained. My pride destroyed. My virginity gone.
I wept bitterly, cursing and regretting.
I felt like taking my life and ending it all. But as the thought crossed my mind. I saw my dad’s smiling face. I remembered my family, my brother whom I loved so much. My mum. My elder siblings.
I heard a voice within me saying.
“do you really want to end your life?. Think about the pain you will put your family through. Think.of what will happen to them when they see your corpse”…
I had no choice than to forget about all that happened and move on with life although my hostility towards men grew stronge
The interns ended. I returned to school, wrote my final exams and was posted to a new station where I started teaching as a professional teacher.
Everything went well until after two years when I had problem getting my salary ..I reported to my C.S and sorted advice. He asked me to report to the bank and if it happens again, that I should report to the accounts office which I did.
Two days later, he called and asked me to meet him at the station. When i got there, he told me he wanted to discuss something important with me but that he’s very hungry at the moment.
“there is a guest house nearby, let’s go order something there. We will discuss as we eat” he said with a cunning smile. I nodded in agreement and followed him to the guest house..
When we got there, we had a drink together, discussed trivial things. After some few minutes I asked what he wanted to discuss with me and just like i feared, he had nothing serious to tell me. After stammering out some excuses, he got up and told me that he was going to check on his order..
Five minutes later, a lady came to me and asked me to go a room number which I couldn’t get well. Not that I didn’t get the room number but I was confused.. She asked me to follow her which I stupidly did.
On getting to the room, i met him standing behind the door which he locked as soon as i got inside. He quickly began taking his shirt off as if we had a sex deal which got me really angry. I couldn’t believe myself.
“is this the food you were ordering?. I can’t believe someone in your position can behave this way. You have just 30 seconds to give me the room key else i’m going to shout and all hell will break loose” i threatened.
“calm down” he begged,
“let’s talk dear” he pushed on while I increased the volume of my voice, telling him to give me the keys or see me disgrace him woefully. He reluctantly gave me the keys…
I really was relieved as i left the place. Of course i really so scared as i faced him and my threats were just empty ones.
I still had no boyfriend during that period and all the men that showed up were just there to take advantage of me via the wrong way. Soon my sister’s engagement party came up. It was there that I meet Kujo. A nice handsome young man who later told me he had a child, but that the child’s mother was married to another man
I accepted Kujo without much persuasion. We were simply okay together, but after he got the chance to sleep with me when I got drunk on my birthday after trying an unknown drink which I thought was strawberry. He started ignoring me.
When I finally made it to the university he called and broke up with me. I was calm on the phone as he said those killing words.
“i can’t continue with you. I’m so sorry” he muttered coldly. I asked if we could talk about it but he said his mind was made up. I had no choice than to accept my fate.
“if that is what will make you happy. It’s cool” i murmured, hung up and cried my heart out.
I soon meet another guy on campus who said he was interested in me but I realized he also wanted sex from me and i had to run away from him…. I managed my life alone until months later when a guy helped me carry my things to my hostel as I came back from vacation.. He looked cool, handsome and tall, but i still felt he was just after me for fun. So I prepared my mind with answers to every question he could ask me…
“if he asks my name, I will tell him it isn’t important. If he persists, I will give him a false name.. If he asks for my phone number. I will answer that i don’t use phones” i reasoned as we walked to my lodge.
As soon as we got there, he dropped my bag and smiled at me.
“i’m Manuel by the way. A student here too. See you some other time”. He said and left, disappointing me. Though i was impressed with his behaviour.
He didn’t ask for my name or number.
A couple of weeks after, I meet him again around the administration section. We had the same problem, our paid fees had not reflected in the school file, making us unable to register our courses… We had a nice chat after solving our problems, he then invited me for lunch at his hostel which he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
I went with him and what a great cook he was. My inquisitive eyes saw a choir sticker in his room which soon changed our topic of discussion..
“you sing?” I asked
“yes, i’m part of the university choir. Will you like to join?. You have a nice voice you know” he replied while I smiled at him, agreeing to join the choir..
When i joined the choir, I got to know he wasn’t my mate. He was three years ahead of me, about completing
He was so close to me, shared the word of God with me, more like he knew my problem and knew how to help me

Little by little we became close friends. We remained good friends until he graduated months later… A day after his graduation, he took me out on a lunch date where spoke to me at length. His last words to me were.
“you are who you think you are and not what others think of you. So make your thoughts count.” he said to me with great love.
We practically spent the whole day together. Around 7pm, he took me to my hostel and opened up that he was leaving the next day.
“by this time tomorrow, i will be on my way to U.k to be with my family. Do take care of yourself” he said solemnly. Tears filled my eyes as i heard those words. I was already fond of him. He was very good to me. He never tried taking advantage of me.
“Where will i get such friend again?” i wondered. I couldn’t control my eyes any more. Tears rolled down my cheek..
“hey don’t cry please” he muttered, drew close and hugged me really tight, kissing me lightly on the lips before whispering that he had to leave because it was getting late…
I watched him as he disappeared into the dark. The agony i felt was very great. I rushed into my room picked my phone and called him…
“please come back” I begged.
“hey hey don’t cry. Sorry about the kiss. Forgive me, I couldn’t control my passion when I looked in your eyes and saw how beautiful you were” he apologized.
“Don’t worry about it”. I said, drying my tears.
“I loved it. I really wish it was a little longer” I murmured.
“really? I can come back and give you some more” he replied.
“i’m going to miss you” I said.
“I will miss you too. You are a wonderful woman. A great woman, see yourself as God sees you. I wanted to take you to my home but when I prayed about it. I was told someone special is being prepared for you. Someone far better than me. That’s the reason why I decided to steal a kiss from you” he added while i smiled. We both laughed.
“you need not shut your heart. Pray and be nice to everyone” he advised and hung up.
I woke up around 6am to see a missed call and a message from him which came in around 4am. The message read,
“People come into our lives for a reason. When their purpose is done. They either stay or vanish, but when that happens, do know that a prayer request you sent up to heaven has being answered. I will cherish every moment we spent together
Take care..I love you…
Tears filled my eyes.. I called his phone but it wasn’t going through…..
Manuel definitely showed me that not all men are bad as I thought. That there are good guys out there waiting for us…
Yes he was an angel, sent to me by God. I never heard of him again, but he really put me back together. Although i’m yet to meet that special person yet..
I still miss him though, but i’m happy. He changed my life. I’m still a singer and together with my brother we created a choir in my small church. I later decided to join the choreography team..
I’m a happy woman because I found my ministry. My calling
The End
That’s what I went through to become who I am now… A great singer and a great choreographer.

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