Monday, November 5, 2018

alex and his story with a medical expert

Alexander Stanford couldn’t help looking from
one twin to the other. The Stolane sisters were
standing side by side as they rehearsed for the State
Christian Musical Concert. Coman County College
was known for its prominent involvement in Christian
Alex was now in his junior year with one more
year to graduation. He was in charge of the counseling
team of the college. Alex had noticed the pretty sisters
a few days after they registered in the college. He had a
cursory meeting with them when they asked to join the
work force of the college’s chapel. As one of the
leaders, he was on the interview board.
He noticed that the twins were not so identical
after all. Molyn was an extrovert, blond, slender and
very attractive. Sandra as blonde too but was round
and very reserved. Alex had found himself attracted to
Molyn immediately he saw her. But now, two weeks
after, He couldn’t take his eyes off Molyn and her
sister, Sandra. They looked all so beautiful.
After the rehearsals, he approached the twins as
they were on their way out.
“Hello! Can I take you two for a bite?”
His voice sure caught the attention of the two.
In his unsaved days, his bass voice had been enough to
get a couple of female students on his bed. Now, he
knew things were different.
“Sandra, what do you think?” Molyn asked her
Sandra simply nodded her assent, and with
that, they were off to dinner with Alex.
At the eatery, Alex shifted in his seat as he tried
to get a worthwhile conversation going. He noticed an
air of confidence around Molyn but wasn’t sure if it
was gentleness or timidity he noticed in Sandra.
To break the freezing ice between them, he
decided to start introductions all over again. “I am
Alexander Stanford, a junior, majoring in Computer
And with a look of mischief, he added, “I’m
also the most attractive bloke in CCC”.
That was a comment the twins couldn’t help
laughing at. He was handsome, yes! The most
attractive? No way!
Alex felt encouraged by the giggles. He talked
some more. He talked about his responsibility as a
counselor, talked about his family, and talked about the
fun and fulfillment CCC offered all students who came
to her fountain of learning.
Alex stopped talking abruptly, looked at the
and said, “I love the way you’re both staring at
That comment caught both of them unawares
and their faces turned bright red. As he studied their
flushed faces, he was enchanted by the two of them.
‘Which one of them is the one?’ he asked himself.
He pushed the thought away and proposed to
enjoy their company. The meal was exquisite and the
twins were grateful to Alex for the treat.
They exchanged cell phone numbers and said
thanks to each other. Alex then walked them to their
dormitory but excused himself the moment they
reached the threshold of the dormitory. He had to take
time out to do some serious thinking.

THE SISTERS CHATTERED when in their room
about the fun they had with Alex. They were really
excited that they had made a new friend; a seasoned
Christian and a gentleman. They discussed the
prospects of forming a threesome kind of thing.
There was no limit to the things they planned and
hoped to do with their newly found friend.
When Molyn had gone to bed, Sandra lay still
on her bed, lost in thought. She reminisced on her past.
Since they were children, their parents had always
preferred Molyn to her. All the boys in high school
always wanted to talk to Molyn and not to the
corpulent Sandra.
Molyn always seemed to have the best of
everything. Sandra however loved her sister because
Molyn always shared what she was given with her, she
always introduced her to the guys in schools and she
never gloated about her trim figure. Sandra wondered
what her life would have been like if Molyn was vain
and self-centered, not the nice sister she was.
Sandra still couldn’t get past the fear that
plagued her however. She believed deep within her that
someday soon Alex would get bored with her and
choose to keep only Molyn as his friend. She even
doubted if he would talk to her again after the dinner.
‘I hope I wasn’t too boring’, she thought. She
scolded herself for agreeing to talk to Alex in the first
place. She dreaded the thought of being hurt again.
Sandra yawned. She had to go to bed. She
dismissed the thoughts, said her prayers and hugged
her pillow. It was bed time.
ALEX WAS IN a dilemma. He was two years in the
faith and he felt he was ready to get committed to a
Christian girl. He had stayed sober and abstained from
sex for two years running and he believed he could
handle a relationship without undue sexual pressures.
He felt within him that it was to be one of the
twins but he only wondered who it would be. ‘Lord,
please show me who you’ve prepared for me. I don’t
want to do anything against your will.’ That was his
earnest heart cry to God.
Alex remembered that his pastor had told him
that friendship was always the first step to a good
relationship. He decided to be a true friend to both of
them and overtime discover God’s will.
He was about to change into his nightshirt
when his phone beeped. He read his reminder only to
remember that he still had an appointment.
‘What on earth was I thinking when I fixed a
counseling appointment with a female student for
10pm?’ Alex asked to himself as he shut the door
behind him.

Walking down to the chapel, a five-minute walk from
his dormitory, Alex prayed for wisdom and inspiration
to counsel Debby. Earlier that day, she had complained
about her relationship with her boyfriend. Alex had
thought he would have a tight schedule, so he had
asked her to meet him at the chapel at 10pm; that was a
decision he now regretted.
He admitted to himself that merely seeing
Debby made him remember his old passions. ‘Lord,
please help me. I can’t do this on my own’, was his plea
to God.
Hoping that there’ll be some students hanging
around in the chapel, reading or praying, Alex checked.
To his dismay and displeasure, there was no one.
Stepping into the chapel, he saw no one either. ‘Why
on earth wasn’t a vigil fixed for this night?’ he muttered
to himself.
Looking ahead, he saw Debby and noticed she
had placed a chair opposite hers; obviously for her
“Good evening Debby.” He said and sat.
“Good evening Alex.”
“How did your day turn out eventually?” he
asked, not really wanting an answer, but pasting a smile
on his face. He was very uncomfortable sitting
opposite Debby. She was not in the least well dressed.
She looked as attractive as ever even with the tears on
her face and Alex also noticed that she wore a mindreeling
perfume. He reprimanded himself the
umpteenth time for fixing this late hour session. He
had only chosen to speak with her because counselors
are taught to listen to everyone who ever wants to talk.
Debby smiled back at him with her tear-stained
face. “I’m alive.”
That was a short answer and it was fine with
Alex. He wanted to counsel her and get over with it as
fast as possible. He went straight to the point.
“Please tell me in details what the problem
really is.”
As if she had been expecting the question,
Debby started narrating all her several woes at once.
Alex maintained eye contact with her both to
ensure that she wasn’t lying and to avoid the
temptation of lusting after her. What she wore actually
left little to the imagination.
Debby kept talking and didn’t seem to make
much sense. Alex was convinced that she was
concocting her story. He stopped her after listening to
her incoherent exposition for about fifteen minutes.
“Are you born-again?” Alex asked.
“I was”, she said.
“What happened?” Alex asked, trying hard to
remain patient.
“I had a traumatizing experience that made me
feel God hated me. I had a terrible accident.” Debby
paused and moved her seat closer to Alex. She started
pulling her skirt backwards to reveal a scar on her inner
Alex bolted up instantly. He knew the devil was
at work. He had to do something fast before losing
control. And that something was to flee.
“What’s the matter Alex?” Debby, asked,
looking surprised. “I only want to show you the scar.”
“No! No! Don’t show me!” Alex said. “I’ll be
praying for you to receive God’s love once again. And
if your relationship with your boyfriend doesn’t
improve, please see Pastor Tom.”
Alex walked out as fast as he could. Normally,
he would have walked her back but this wasn’t a
normal case at all. As soon as he got to his room, he fell
on his knees and prayed.
‘Lord, I don’t know how I escaped that but I
thank You for Your presence that saw me through.’
Relieved, Alex changed his clothes, said his
prayers and looked forward to seeing his twin-friends
the next day.
Sandra was a Fine Arts student while Molyn
was majoring in Electrical Electronics. Alex guessed he
would see more of Molyn since they were in the same
His alarm woke him up early the next morning
and he felt an usual peace flood his soul. He could only
attribute it to the battle for his chastity that he won the
previous night.
Later in the day, as he had hoped, Alex met
Molyn at the faculty library.
“You look like you’ve been reading for ages”,
Alex commented.
“Yeah right!” Molyn smiled.
“Haven’t you?”
“Kinda. I have this assignment I have to put
together before tomorrow. I’m worried I’ll have
nothing to show for all these hours of studying.”
Alex took a look at the assignment and gave her
a reassuring smile. “I did something very similar to this,
two sessions ago. I have a few recommendations for
Alex scribbled down a list of library books and
e-books Molyn could use.
“Thank you” Molyn said.
“You are welcome.”
He turned to leave. “I almost forgot. I’ll be back
at 6pm. I hope you’ll be able to take a dinner break
“Sure! I hope to be through then. It should be a
lot easier now”, she said, motioning towards the paper
on which Alex had scribbled his recommendations.
“You bet. Where is Sandra? In the studio?”
“Yes. She said she’ll be there until five.”
“Thanks. I hope to bring her with me at six.”
“Thanks again Alex.” And on a second
thought, she added, “Take care of my sister, will you?”
Alex only smiled, walked out of the library, and
made his way to the Arts Studio. He hadn’t been to the
studio too often during his stay on the campus so far.
He entered the studio. It was littered with
drawings, sketches, objects, and designs of all sorts.
Looking at the distant corner of the studio, he
saw Sandra painting. When he moved closer, he saw
she was painting a flower vase she had drawn.
When he got to her, Sandra looked up and Alex
could see surprise and delight written all over her face.
She looked away and continued painting.
Alex watched, in silence, as Sandra completed
the painting.
“You are so gifted. This is truly lovely.”
“Thanks. I enjoy what I do. I’d always doodled
with pencils and crayons since my childhood”, Sandra
said, smiling. “What brings you here?”
Alex was pleased with the smile that curved
Sandra’s face. She obviously wasn’t driving him away.
“What do you think brings me here?” he replied.
‘Why not let her do the talking this time
around?’ Alex thought to himself.

Sandra thought about Alex’s question a little and
smiled. “Are you here to ask me out on a date?”
Alex couldn’t stop laughing. That was a very
funny joke.
“Or did you come for a counseling session with
me?” Sandra asked. Alex took that as a challenge. He
had learnt never to assume people lived perfect lives.
“Do you need counsel on something Sandra?
If you do, I would be glad to spare a few minutes.”
Then with a twinkle, he added “Free of charge!”
“Give me two minutes”, Sandra said as she put
the easel and her other painting utensils in her locker.
She washed up, removed her apron and signed out.
“Some counsel might do me good”, she said
eventually. “Where can we talk with the least
interference?” she asked.
Alex suggested the garden opposite the library.
They took a leisure walk, talking about events
that had happened in the college in the last three weeks
of resumption. When at the garden, Alex asked Sandra
to talk about what was troubling her. It wasn’t long
before the words came out, one exposition and
narration came right after the other. He could sense
that Sandra was really hurting and had been waiting for
this opportunity to release the weight on her chest.
“Alex, it wasn’t just in high school that Molyn
was preferred to me”, she narrated, “she was and is still
preferred by my own parents. I have developed a very
poor self-esteem and I feel no one likes me. The few
people who have gotten close to me so far have always
wanted something in return. I feel guys don’t like me
for who I am but for what they can get from me
because I’m female. I’ve been miserable for a very long
time. I would have been worse off but for Molyn’s
support and understanding.
“She tries to help me make friends. She also
refuses to befriend anyone who doesn’t like me or
accept me.” Sandra paused and smiled.
“Remember yesterday when you met us and asked us
out for dinner?”
“Yes I do”, Alex replied.
“If you recollect well, Molyn asked if it was ok
with me and I said yes. If I had said no for any reason at
all, she would have refused your offer. She has been
very supportive in spite of what every other person
does. The feeling of inferiority still plagues me though.
I wonder what I would have done to myself if Molyn
scorned me too.”
Sandra looked at her new friend and smiled
again. “I even thought you would not want to talk with
me again. I guess I was wrong about you.”
“You were not as wrong about me as you were
and still are about yourself”, Alex told her. “You are a
very interesting person and I have enjoyed your
company so far.”
He paused. “God loves you Sandra. He values
you so much, that’s why He created you in the first
place. I find you pretty and I’m sure many guys share
my opinion too.”
Alex noticed Sandra blushed and was clearly
flushed by that statement but he decided to overlook it.
He knew he was telling her the truth and he felt she
deserved to know how pretty she truly was.
“I’m sure your parents love you deeply”, Alex
continued “but possibly don’t know how to express it.
Give them time and don’t be unnecessarily hard on
Alex knew there was one more question to ask.
He took his time to ask.
“Have you been violated before or have you
fornicated before?” Sandra’s eyes filled when she
heard the question.
“I’m sorry if that upset you. You don’t have to
talk about it if you don’t want to.” Alex said.
“No, I’ll talk, but it’s still painful however.
Thanks to God, I’ve not been violated before and I’m
still a virgin but I do have my pains in that respect
however.” She wiped her eyes and began telling Alex
about her high school crush. She explained how it all
started and how he eventually started acting strange.
From the look on her face, it was obvious that she still
bore the wounds of whatever pain it was she suffered.
“I really loved this guy, or so I thought. His
name is Jerry. He professed his love to me too. But just
like my other so-called friends had done earlier, he
suddenly stopped calling me. When I finally got him
on his cell phone, he said I was a bore. He said he could
not spend one more day with a drab girl like me.”
Sandra looked terribly pained and the tears
started flowing again. “Imagine! Jerry, the only guy I
thought really loved me, jilted me just like that!”
When she regained her composure, she
continued. “I guess his actual problem was my denying
him of sex. I had earlier allowed him some intimacy
because I didn’t want to lose him, but sex was
something I could not agree to. I almost gave in but
God gave me the strength to carry through. I wish I
hadn’t allowed him to fondle with my body. It wasn’t
worth it and I regret I allowed him touch me at all.”
Smiling again, Sandra concluded. “It was hard
losing the only guy I really loved and whom I thought
loved me too. But I’m sure it was worth it.”
Alex was moved as he listened to her. He felt
they weren’t close enough for him to hug her, so he
took her hand in his and squeezed gently. ” I t ‘ s
alright Sandra. You did the right thing and I’m certain
that God is pleased with you. I care deeply about you,
your family loves you, Molyn cherishes you and the
church at Coman College cares deeply too.”
He kept his eyes on her. “I can promise that
you’ll never be alone from now. I have come to stay as
your friend and I am sure as you move along, you’ll
make more friends in CCC.”
Sandra was mightily relieved. She had always
declined suggestions about her seeing a counselor, but
now she did see a counselor and she was glad she did.
“Thanks Alex. You’ve been a blessing to me
this evening.”
Alex smiled and squeezed her hand once again.
“Can we say a payer together?”
“Oh sure!”
Alex prayed and asked God to strengthen and
enable Sandra to see herself the way He sees her. When
they were through, Alex asked “Can we go meet Molyn
in the library now?”
“Yes. What’s the time now?” Sandra asked.
“6:15 pm. We’re a few minutes late.”
“Did I take that long?”
“Yes you did but you were fun listening to and
mightily honest, if I may add.” Alex said and helped
Sandra to her feet.
The two friends walked into the science faculty
library where Molyn was still reading.
“Molyn, aren’t you done yet?”
Looking up, she smiled at Alex and then at her
sister. “I’m through. I just decided to check up a few
other things while waiting for you. It was easier than I
thought. Thanks Alex.”
“You’re welcome Molyn. Can we go eat now
and go for Bible study afterwards?”
“Cool! Would it be Pastor Tom preaching
today?” Molyn asked, beaming. The message was all
too clear to Alex.
“Yes, it would”, he said with a knowing smile. 

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