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5 Warning Signs of a Breakup - How to Stop Your Boyfriend From Breaking Up With You

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Some women in a solid relationship take it for granted and can't see the warning signs of a breakup. Finding the "one for you" only happens once in a lifetime, but after a while you get anxious wanting marriage when he isn't ready.

Hinting around by showing him bridal magazines or engagement rings will only push him away. Feeling threatened and trapped by your demands and ultimatums will eventually cause him to break up with you.
Guys don't like to be told how to think, what to say or what to do. If they feel cornered, they will pull out. Some women have actually made their boyfriend think they had somebody else, wouldn't take their calls or answer the door.
Their plan backfired, because they lost their guy forever. The worse thing you can do is pull tricks on him. He won't tolerate it and will look elsewhere for someone who is more trusting.
When he shows warning signs of a breakup, there are ways you can stop him from breaking up with you.
5 Warning Signs of a Breakup
1- Usually he stops taking you to restaurants, spending less time with you. It's best not to say anything and let him have some space. When he realizes you're not asking questions or putting pressure on him, he'll see you for your true self. The girl he fell in love with.
2- He stops telling you how he feels. Everyday he told you he loved you and he still does. He's just frustrated with the relationship, so give him time and be patient and he will soon open up.
3- Don't call or text him when he's at work. When he realizes you're not calling him, he will make the first move. Let him call first. Don't ignore his calls. Always reply to his texts and calls.
4- He doesn't spend as much money on you as he once did. The new relationship was exciting and he was careless spending his money. Offer to pay for dinner the next time you go out. He will know that you're putting his feelings first and you care about his finances.
5- He is spending more time with his friends and you feel left out. Lots of guys like to get together and watch or talk about sports which is a subject most women know little about or don't care. He also needs a life outside of your relationship. Try to understand his feelings and he will love you that much more.
Making these small changes in how you feel and your attitude will go along way. Your relationship will get stronger than ever. These tips will stop your boyfriend from breaking up with you.
Heed these 5 warning signs of a breakup which is usually two-sided, but the woman has to make sacrifices if she wants to keep her guy. If he is truly the one for you, then you will put his feelings first and not give him a reason to move on to someone else.

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