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How to Text a Girl You Just Met - 3 Ways to Get Her Hot for You Via iPhone

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Texting that cute girl you just met can seem like an intimidating process. The good news is, it isn't impossible to get that spark between you going again. But the tough part is: actually taking out your phone and texting her!

While it can be a challenge to seduce women via text, it doesn't have to be. In many ways it can actually be easier. You have words in your favor as well as the leisure of figuring out what you will say next.
Text messages can be a powerful way of garnering her interest and getting her to be attracted to you. Here are 3 steps on how to seduce her through text.
1) Start by getting her attention
Women often get inundated with men sending them texts and emails and phone calls trying to get into bed with her. Imagine her coming in from being out all night, taking her dress off, and getting into bed. What's the first thing she sees? Her cell phone, blowing up with all the messages from guys she has just met. This means you have competition.
So you have to do something to get her attention. Something to make yourself stand out from all the other men texting her.
Start by playing it safe. Depending on how close you got with her during your face to face interaction, before she gave her number to you, you should talk to her about something during that conversation.
Try not to overthink it too much; just leave it open with a simple "Hey, what are you up to, young miss?" and you can add a smiley emoticon if you like. Then you wait for her response. If she's busy she'll let you know or text you back when she has a chance. You can also try a message that shows you were really paying attention and listening to her.
Such as: "Hi Jane, how did your shopping trip go? Did you find something you liked?"
After she responds send her a flirty playful message back, something like, "Oh, nice dress. You can wear that when we go out for drinks." The point is to show you are paying attention, keeping the conversation flirtatious and fun.
2) Short and sweet
You should make sure to make your messages short and to the point. Don't send her huge sappy or needy messages. That will turn her off. Just simple, attention-getting, short and interesting texts.
Be sure to adjust to the style of her writing. If she gives you two or three word responses, you should be replying in kind - not sending her four screens of text in your reply.
3) Make her laugh
If you do nothing else, try to get a few laughs out of her. You would be shocked at how important a sense of humor is for women to be attracted to a guy. If she thinks you're funny, she will be a lot more attracted to her.
Some funny texts to send:
1) "Just came from the bookstore. You won't believe what I just saw. It made me think of you... "
2) "Today I'm about 5% more awesome than I was yesterday. What's your daily level of awesome?"
3) "I just flew by private UFO and saw your twin sister - or was it a clone? Do you know anything about this?"
Try to get creative and think of your own texts as well.

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