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Why Women Shouldn't Ask Men Out - Hold Off Ladies And Let Him Hunt!

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Times have changed, that's a fact. If a man suggests going clubbing these days, women are pretty safe in the knowledge that he doesn't intend to club her round the head and drag her back to a cave, but although the role of the woman is somewhat different, never disregard a man's innate need to hunt.

So, this is a tricky one. Women have evolved in terms of their role in society, they are quite rightly seen as being equal to men, and in the workplace can even be described as more aggressive than their male counterparts. Women are confident, forthright and able to go out there and get what they want, but when it comes to men, they are warned to place their feet firmly on the brake pedal.
It hardly seems fair that females have to quash their natural desire to reproduce in favour of the males natural desire to hunt, but that's just the way it is I'm afraid.
Ladies - do not make excuses that he might be shy or he hasn't had the opportunity to ask you or he perhaps can't get hold of you, maybe he's on holiday, he could have lost your number, I repeat, men are hunters, if they want you, they will come and find you. If he doesn't then he simply doesn't want you, sorry girls.
So what happens if you do go ahead and ask a man out?
Well he might just say yes and that's great. He still doesn't have the hunt out of his system though so don't be surprised if it doesn't last. Maybe he said yes to you whilst wishing he could pluck up the courage to ask out your 6ft tall, blonde haired, blue eyed voluptuous best friend, but in the meantime, you'll do!
Don't play second fiddle, wait to be asked, it's just the way it has to be. Think about all of those guys who have asked you out, they pursue you even if you turn them down, they keep on trying, keep on texting, keep on calling. If the guy you've fallen for isn't doing that, he's not interested, no excuses, sorry.
I know how easy it is to sit there staring dreamily into space imagining your life with your new favoured beau; dreaming of your wedding day, practising your new signature and naming your kids, but please, if he hasn't called you to ask you out, then all of the above is exactly how I described it, imagined!
Stop wasting your daydreams and move on. Believe me when I say I am saving you months and months of heart wrenching agony.
On the flip side, if a guy gets in touch by any method, even a one line text, it means he is thinking about you. If he wasn't, then he wouldn't get in touch at all.
That's a great sign but still, don't jump the gun, wait patiently and time will tell. It may never be, but leave the ball in the guys court on this one girls, don't rush, don't push, Mr Perfect is out there and all he need do is ask.
And if he does, he may just end up being 'The One'.

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