Saturday, September 8, 2018

What You Can Learn About Love From Your Dog

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You can learn a lot about love from your dog - after all they are known as man's best friend. The way they give and receive love to you can teach you an awful lot about giving and receiving love to others and can ultimately help you to achieve a loving and lasting relationship with a fellow human being.

So just what can you learn about love from your dog?
  • The most powerful way to demonstrate love is through loyalty. This quality in dogs should be the number one priority in humans.
  • Love freely and unconditionally. Dogs don't expect you to live up to unrealistic expectations, they accept you as you are. This should apply in human relationships too.
  • Express your needs clearly. Your dog always lets you know what he needs. Make sure you communicate with your partner and don't expect him to guess what it is you are after.
  • Always greet your partner with enthusiasm. Your dog is always pleased to see you when you get home and will be waiting to greet you with kisses. Make sure you do the same for your partner however long you have been together.
  • Be comfortable in your own skin. Dogs are perfectly happy to be who they are, whether a scruffy mongrel or a well-bred pedigree. You should be too.
  • Holding grudges is pointless. Your dog will soon forgive and forget any cross words or forgotten meals. You should move on as quickly as they do and not harbour resentment.
  • Don't hold on to the leash too tightly. Just as your dog loves the chance to run freely, your partner also needs space and freedom to grow.
  • Don't lose your wild side. Dogs may be domesticated and tamed, but they always keep a bit of their animal instinct which shows up now and again. Don't fall into routines and habits, keep a little spontaneity and surprise your partner sometimes.
  • Conflicts are avoided by boundaries. Dogs mark their territories and protect their space to ward off intruders. Healthy boundaries create healthy relationships for humans too.
  • When you feel happy, don't be afraid to show it. Your dog jumps around, rolls in the grass, runs about and lets you know that he is feeling happy. Why hold back your feelings? There is no greater pleasure than seeing the person you love being joyful.
So you see, you can learn about love from your dog. They are not just dumb animals, but can teach us many things about life, love and relationships.

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