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Dear Single Lady, Make Yourself Irresistible With These Few Tips

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Are you single and waiting to be found? Then this is for you. Stop wishing it could be you boogeying with your prince charming next Saturday or envying your friends when they tell you their wedding has been fixed and start doing something about getting yourself hooked too.

Here's how to make yourself irresistible for the right man to come calling!
Build yourself up. Please whoever told you that most men prefer a pretty woman with no brains was definitely lying to you. Most men like women that have something to offer intellectually not one who can't carry on an intelligent conversation when you go out with his friends. So start getting interested in news, current affairs, politics, history, world affairs, etc. you don't have to know everything, just enough to flow during discussions and your man will find you irresistible.
Work on your confidence: Confidence is a very attractive garment and one sure ingredient in every irresistible woman. Build your confidence by dressing well, taking good care of your skin and hair, looking beautiful and doing things that make you feel confident.
Polish your social skills and etiquette: If you don't know how to use your cutlery now is the time to learn. Please look it up on Google and polish your skills. We don't want him to take you out and be embarrassed by you holding a fork on your right hand and knife on your left. Learn how to speak in public, how to be respectful to elders, how to make your opinions without being too controversial or assertive, how to sit in public and how to relate with people.
Get in tune with fashion: You need to step up your game! Get more fashionable but please do it within the confines of modesty and morality. We don't want you wearing indecent stuff just to get noticed. Just make sure your look is trendy, fashionable and catchy! It will make you more likely to be noticed and urmm... irresistible!
Find a passion or learn a skill: Your man must find you while you are busy doing something worthwhile just like Jacob found Rachael while she was out watering her father's flocks. That's what will make you irresistible. So if you don't have one yet this is the best way to find your passion or develop a skill like designing clothes, blogging, professional makeup, bead or hat making, volunteering for charity works, advocacy, etc.
Become committed to a cause in church: It's not enough to be a church goer step it up by joining a department or forming a group in church. Find a group that suits your interest and become committed. If you're a doctor you could form a group to provide free medical services once in a month or as a lawyer you could have a group for Human rights activities like assisting children suffering domestic violence, etc. If you're neither of the above have you ever considered starting a soup kitchen? Thank me later... ***winks.
Start reading up books on marriage: This can never be overemphasized. You need to be prepared and how else but through books and tapes on marriage. You should even attend relevant seminars and get all available information that will help you in marriage. You can also use this time to start learning parenting skills by babysitting for a sibling or friend. When your time comes you will be more than ready.

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Friday, September 28, 2018

The Number 1 Reason Why Men Use Women

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That's it! I am left with no choice but to start a revolution!
This article is directed at all of the women out there who are into men, who fall quickly for new guy after new guy and find that they all do the same things:

1 - Act like Prince Charming to start with
2 - Disappear like a magic act after a month or 2
Back in the day - Pre World War II women got what they wanted from men far more often than the women of the 21st Century.
Sure society was different and for a man to marry a woman it was deemed 'the right thing to do'. Times sure have changed.
However, while there were rogues around back then, my grandmother told me so, women knew a few tricks that women of today don't. Those tricks, those keys, those secrets are the difference between getting a man you want and or getting done over time and time again by frogs.
The only reason why men get away with treating us like scum is because WE LET THEM!
This is where the revolution comes in.
Because women all over the world have such loose standards, aren't staunch and don't train men on how to treat them like a lady... with respect and allow men to determine the pace of all interactions, we constantly battle in the dating arena.
We must unite and teach men on how to treat us properly.
See things from a guy's perspective. Men want to be free, they want to have their freedom and have as many women as possible until they find one that takes their breath away or they reach a point of maturity where they want to settle down.
If you want to be that one in a million girl that captures a QUALITY mans heart and keeps his interest piqued then you need to religiously do the following things:
1. Slow everything down - discriminate on the type of men you meet and make them wait to see you or speak to you.
2. Don't get physical with them for the first few dates. That means no touching or kissing at all. Tell him before you meet them that if they touch you you will leave and if they do - follow through.
3. Develop an emotional connection over a long period of time. Without an emotional connection you don't have a leg to stand on he will leave you.
4. Don't change your life to suit his schedule - maintain your own life
5. Don't have sex too quickly and make sure you have the discussion about being exclusive before you do. He may still sex you and walk away but at least you have had that discussion first.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

4 Ways to Be Your BEST In Your Relationships

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We often strive to create healthy and satisfying relationships. But sometimes, despite how much we may try, we're unable to do so. When this happens, here are four things we can do to bring our best selves to our relationships, and in turn, bring about the positive change we seek.

Get to Know Yourself
    To be your best self in your personal relationships you need to develop your awareness of yourself. What do you value? What do you dream of? What are your strengths? Where are the skills you want to hone? When we ask ourselves these kinds of questions we grow our awareness of ourselves and we can use that awareness to create relationships that are beneficial for everyone involved. Sometimes our personal relationships hit a rough patch. When this happens, your awareness will clue you into how you might be contributing to the difficulty at hand and whether or not that relationship should be maintained.
Love Yourself
    Learning to love yourself is such an important step towards creating healthy relationships. It's cliché but true - to truly love someone else, you have to love yourself first. This is because we're unable treat someone better than we treat ourselves.
    Our limits in loving others comes from our inability to love ourselves. Over the course of our relationships, these limits inevitably come to light. We may compensate for our inabilities by giving more to others than we have - or have allowed ourselves - to receive. Yet, this can set us up for difficulty. If we're not loving ourselves then we're likely looking for someone else to give us that sense of being loved. This can be the starting point for lots of problems like dependency, fear of abandonment, and fear of intimacy.
    To really love ourselves, we need to see the unique value and intrinsic beauty of who we are without any externally imposed definitions. To begin to do this, take the time to tell yourself all the things that you like about yourself. And do it often.
Clear Your History
    Part of showing up as our best selves is to be in the present moment as much as possible. This means that our previous experiences need to be left where they belong - in the past. To do this, people typically undergo a process wherein they remember the past, understand how it effected them and then disentangle themselves from it.
    There are a number of different tools that people can use to clear themselves of aspects of their past that no longer serve them. For example, there is EFT, Access Consciousness, energy work, Core Energetics and the list goes on. If you're wanting to create a different baseline for yourself, it's helpful to find a method that you can use to continually reinforce your new way of being.
    To clear your history, try on a few methods that you sense would be a good fit. Then keep an open mind while you see if they're effective for you. It takes a little while to clear your past from your present, so give this process some time. As you do this your awareness will increase and old feelings might come to the surface. When in a relationship, sometimes it's helpful to let the other person know when something from your past has been activated and communicate what you need when this happens.
Own Your Stuff
    Nothing makes a relationship stronger than integrity. The biggest gift you can give yourself is to know and own your contributions to your relationships - both in the positive and in the negative.
    When things get difficult in a relationship, look for the ways that you've contributed to the problem. Simply ask yourself: "is there anything that I would have done better or differently if I had remained in full integrity?" If the answer is yes, then do your best to make right on what you know you could have done better.
When we're unclear about how our own issues influence our relationships we're likely to do unintentional damage. When we're unconscious of our unresolved feelings about our past, we're more likely to blame, shame and guilt others when those unresolved feelings are triggered. It's only when we're aware of our contributions to the state of our relationships and able to stay in our integrity that we can create environments in which our relationships can thrive.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

20 Tips for First Date Success

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First dates can be nerve-racking and daunting. The desire to make the best impression can make getting through first dates a little difficult. This is normal for everyone. However, here are some of the most helpful first date tips that will make your first date a success.

1. Select the Right Venue
Your choice of venue says a lot about your personality and character. A bar, restaurant, or nightclub may show that you enjoy lively crowds. A day spent a parks or gardens may show that you enjoy nature and the outdoors. Or a museum or concert shows that you like the arts.
2. Make Preparations
Prior to your fist date, preparing a little will help you avoid anxiety. If you met your date online, read through their profile to pick out a few interests that may help sustain the conversation. This gives you the chance to be cheerful and confident.
3. Dress Your Best
Where you go on your first date determines what you wear but be sure to give the best impression. Going out unkempt and sloppy will give a poor first impression that might decrease your chances of a second date.
4. Be Punctual
Time is a sensitive issue on first dates and you should always be punctual to avoid having your date wait on you. However, some unavoidable circumstances may arise. When you can't avoid being late, make sure to keep your date updated via phone call or text and remember to apologize to your date after you arrive.
5. Drop Expectations
In case you have any preconceived expectations of what your date will be like, you may miss the chance to get to know him/her for what they truly are. Be clear on your expectations but remain open to any possibility.
6. Intend to Have Fun
Remember, the main goal of your date is to get things rolling. Don't put so much pressure on yourself and get out to have fun on your date. Even if it's not a romantic match, it's fun meeting new people.
7. Be on Your Best Behavior
This sounds like advice for children, but plenty of adults show bad behavior, especially on dates. Being rude or behaving like a jerk is a guarantee that you'll end up alone before the date ends. Using dirty or abusive words or forgetting your manners like talking with your mouth full makes a terrible first impression.
8. Listen Before Speaking
Learn to take turns while conversing. It is rude to interrupt when your date is speaking, especially when he or she is telling you about themselves. If your date is talking, listen graciously. However, do not hesitate to speak up when it's your turn to speak.
9. Sustain the Conversation
Keep the discussion light on a first date and stay away from trouble topics like previous relationships, politics, or religion. Try add some humor into your conversation. Humor is often a great ice breaker.
10. Show Respect
On the first date, do not expect anything in return. Take it as a chance to get to know your date better. Respect your date by not putting them in compromising situations.
11. Be Open Minded
People are different, try to understand your date as much as possible. Do not shut them out and give up on a date a few minutes after first meeting them. Be interested in the likelihood of something truly cool happening between the two of you.
12. Make It Short
A perfect first date should be short. Maintaining such a short period creates the desire to expect more and probably set up a second date.
13. Do Not Grill
You may be tempted to ask your date a bunch of questions to get to know them better. However, get to know your date by working your questions into your conversation. Don't act like a prosecutor and grill your date by firing off one question after another. This can wear people out make your date seem more like a job interview than a romantic occasion. Look for chances to get acquainted without grilling your date as if it's an interrogation.
14. Be Creative
Be playful and make becoming acquainted with each other fun. Try to play a guessing game rather than asking direct questions. Attempt to connect with your date through cool and unusually activities to break the ice or create the right vibe.
15. Show Interest
After your date tells you a story, follow up with some comments or questions to demonstrate that you are amused or surprised and show that you are listening. Alternatively, after you tell a story, you can ask your date a basic question like "What you think about that?" to engage your date in conversation.
16. Know the Signs
You should know whether your date is enjoying the date. Making eye contact, laughing at your jokes, holding hands, or sharing a kiss are just some of the signs that show that your date is enjoying your company.
17. Know When to Get Physical
Depending on how well your date is going and your date's mood and emotions, you may decide to get physical. For example, a long hug on a first date may lead to an incredible kiss on a second date. Getting physical may be a way to determine whether you are compatible or not. Always trust your instincts.
18. Concentrate on the Experience
Avoid the common notion that every first date should transform into something more. Take the first date as a chance to explore yourself and know your date. It is an opportunity to get together, connect, and create experiences together.
19. Be Honest
Don't pretend that you are having fun if you feel like you're not. Don't be ashamed to let your date know that it's not going to work out. On the other hand, if you enjoyed the first date, do not be reluctant to take things to the next level.
20. Don't Forget to Communicate after Date
Most people are afraid to open themselves up for rejection and fear to be the first one to text or call after the first date. In fact, you will appear more caring if you become the first to text back. Keep the texts simple, for example, "Thank you for a lovely evening" or "I had a really great time". Who knows? It may lead you to a second date.
Finally, it's dependent upon you to choose how you will spend your first date experience. You may not control how your partner will act, however, you can be receptive, demonstrate your best qualities, and, more than anything, get to know each other and have a good time.

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Learn How to Tell If A Girl Likes You

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How to Use Body Language Signs To Tell A Girl Likes You (Or Not)
Learn the abracadabra of mixed body language signals that women so affectionately call 'subtle hints'. So you can easily see if she likes you.

It is crucial to realize that it is absolutely not the intention that you wait for one of the following signals.
These body language signals are useful to recognize if they notice you, but the lack of them should NEVER be a reason not to make a move. Anyway, this does not alter the fact that a lesson in non-verbal communication can come in handy.
The 'reading' of women is very useful to avoid rejections.
And guess what... it is possible.
A woman reveals a lot with her body language. She can manipulate and distort her words, but her body always tells the truth. When you learn how to interpret the non-verbal signals, you can see exactly what they think. If you can do this, the chance of a rejection is much smaller.
How to Tell If a Woman Likes You or Is In Love With You
Of course, mind reading is a superpower I guess anyone would like to possess. The problem with that you will then always know what everybody thinks and that may prove to be not so conducive for any relationship. Since we won't be able to filter out what we do not want to know, not having this power is actually a blessing in disguise.
What we want to know is:
How a woman feels
Does she like me
Whether she finds me attractive
And whether she speaks the truth.
Fortunately, these things are all easy to pick up on if you pay attention. Her body communicates the things you want to know. Once you know what the signals are you can look out for them.
Pay attention now...
Hands Which Fidget or Stroke Objects
When she caresses or plays with objects, she is nervous or excited. She smiles at the man and plays with her hair. It is a well-known fact that this is one of the signs used to signal a girl likes you.
Caressing, fiddling and fidgeting is actually the same: an expression of nervous energy. A girl can play with her hair, or fiddle with a chain or stroke a wine glass.
Drumming with her fingers on objects or fiddling is a typical case of good healthy tension. She is impressed with you and tries to come across well. That's why you see her drumming and fidgeting. She however unconsciously displays sexual excitement when she strokes objects rather than fidgeting, which actually is one of the better signs a girl likes you.
Open Wrists
Take note of her hands. Are her wrists visible? This often is a clear signal and a typically friendly gesture. She communicates that she is open to you and that she feels at ease. By leaving her wrists unprotected she indicates that she feels safe and is open to you. A good sign.
She Makes a Fist Or Hides Her Wrists
She is defensive and may be hostile towards you. The opposite is also possible. She turns her palms away from you. Look at her hands. Does she make a fist or is her hands flat on the table? Her body language for certain tells you she is defensive, stressed or hostile.
It is clear that you are doing something wrong and she is not happy with your presence at the moment. Not a good sign.
If she touches you without any reason, it means that she is more than normally interested in you.
Touching you on the shoulder is already a clear flirtation signal, but if she touches your leg (for example if she is sitting next to you) or puts her hand on your chest... then you know you're doing a good job.
FEET: What She Says With Her Feet
Crossed Legs
Basically says she does not plan to run away. I can imagine that you can easily explain this as a closed signal as crossed arms indicate she is "closed" to your attentions. That said, crossed legs (in contrast to crossed arms) is actually a positive signal.
If women find you interesting, they often cross their legs as soon as twenty seconds after they meet a guy they like. She makes herself more feminine by bringing her hips out which makes her less balanced and more vulnerable.
Feet Pointing At You
When her feet point directly at you, it means she is interested and her whole being is focused on you. She has no plan to run away, and inevitably her entire body is directed your way.
You're doing well.
Feet Turned Sideways
She is not paying any attention to you. Turned-away feet is a clear signal of disinterest.
She is ready to walk away and her focus is clearly on something else. She may still be talking to you because it is socially expected, but she prefers to talk to someone else.
She is bored, or at least not interested. It is time that you do something different before she really runs away.
ATTITUDE: What Her Attitude Says
Folded Hands
Hands folded over her chest means she does not feel comfortable and that she is not open to a conversation. She probably even wants to let you know that she does not like you. Women put up a barrier with a drink, handbag or by folding her hands over each other.
Any person who do not feel comfortable with another person, instinctively want to protect their vital organs. Since this is a reasonably familiar gesture of being closed to another person, she will know this is an unkind gesture, but it really does not matter to her.
Over the Shoulder
She makes eye contact over her shoulder which means she is shy or wants to be approached. This is also wonderfully confusing as here too she throws up a barrier. She turns her body away, but keeps eye contact. When you are on a date with a woman who constantly turns her shoulder but makes eye contact, it means she is just shy.
Eye contact is often an aggressive and dominant signal. By turning her body away she makes eye contact without being dominant. That way she lures you to be the aggressor.
You can easily discern this signal. When she does this from a distance you often see that she looks at you long enough to attract your attention and then turns her head away.
She is interested but shy and afraid to be vulnerable.
When you do not know her and see her from a distance, it is often her way to attract your attention without becoming too obvious.
Arches Her Back
She wants to look more attractive by making her breasts stand out more. For a woman, this is a brilliant tactic. Think about it, her stomach becomes flatter, her breasts bigger and her neck gets longer.
When men and women flirt with body language, they actually do nothing but emphasize gender differences. The hollow back does exactly that. It presents her feminine parts.
She does this to emphasize her femininity. It is a good sign.
Bowed Head
It is a typical gesture of submission. If people keep their heads down, they look smaller and submissive.
She will use it, because the vast majority of men find women, who are somewhat submissive and nonthreatening, attractive.
If she is close to you, it can also mean she wants to be kissed.
The closer she is to you, the nicer she finds you. In a busy discotheque people are close to each other since they have no choice. In situations where a person can determine the distance from another person themselves, you can determine from the distance she is from you whether she likes you.
EYESWhat She Says With Her Eyes
If her pupils become larger, she is excited. Women do weird stuff to look more beautiful. Centuries ago already, women used eye drops to make their pupils bigger. It was a known fact then already that there is a clear link between pupil size and sexual excitement.
So when you see her staring at you with large pupils, you are doing a good job. It means that she is sexually excited, or sees something she wants to have. Pay attention to the light, by the way. At twilight, her pupils become larger and in bright light they get smaller.
Looks Away
When she breaks eye contact and looks away, she is bored. It does not matter how much eye contact she makes with you. If she makes eye contact for a long time, this may mean she likes you, but it can also be an attempt to intimidate you.
You can learn a lot about how she breaks eye contact with you. If she breaks eye contact and looks to the side every time, it is not a good sign. It does not mean she dislikes you. It means that what you have to say does not interest her and unconsciously she looks around for other interesting things.
When you notice that her eyes constantly scan the whole room and she is paying attention to everything else but you, she is bored.
Looks Up
If she breaks eye contact and looks up, she dislikes you and you have a real problem. This is the most negative signal that a woman can give you.
It can mean boredom, but it differs from looking away to the side in the sense that looking up basically tells you she has no respect for you.
It is a signal of contempt and disrespect. The only time it really does not mean anything is when a person is trying to answer a question and they may try to remember the answer by looking away, be it to the side or up.
So if she looks sideways or upwards while trying to answer a question, it does not matter. In all other cases it is a bad sign.
Looks Down
When she breaks eye contact by looking down, she is either impressed or in love.
You want to see this. If a woman breaks eye contact down, she wants you. Strangely, some women seem to constantly alternate between your crotch and your eyes with their eyes.
By breaking eye contact down she again shows submission. She will only do this to people she is impressed with or she respects... and of course you want that.
Eye Blinking
Should she blink more than needed with her eyes, she finds you attractive. On average people blinks with their eyes about 6 to 10 times per minute. When we find someone attractive, the number quickly increases
When I read this the first time, I thought: this is impossible to track, how do I count how many times she blinks?
In practice, it is fortunately quite simple. Blinking is one of the easier signs to tell a girl likes you and finds you attractive. If you pay close attention you will quickly notice when her eyes start to blink more. The difference between normal and "abnormal" is big enough.
MOUTH: What She Says With Her Mouth
Mouth Covered by Hand
When she covers her mouth when she speaks to you, she wants to mislead you. When people try to hide their emotions, they unconsciously want to cover their mouth. It happens unintentionally, but people often cover their mouths with their hands.
It is such a cool way to spot deceit. You will see both men and women do this. They somehow lie to you or try to fool you.
Wets her Lips
If she licks her lips, or bites them, she wants to kiss you. When a woman gets excited, she starts breathing faster and this causes her lips to become dry. That is why you will see her wetting her lips.
Preparing for the kiss is also a reason to wet her lips. When you suddenly see her putting on lip gloss, it means she is preparing for a saliva exchange.
Sometimes when she's really excited, she even bites her lip. Obviously, you cannot ignore such a clear signal.
Sounds Easy? Unfortunately body language reading is not an exact science.
Her pupils can grow larger because the light is dim. She can put her arms over each other because it is cold, she can put her foot aside because she suffers from her knee, she can blink a lot due to hay fever, and so on.
A single signal is therefore not reliable at all. That is why it is important that you pay attention to a cluster of signals.
Clusters Tell the Truth
Do you recognize multiple positive signals from a woman at once? Then you can safely assume that she wants you, and vice versa. A cluster of "negative" signals can indicate she is not into you all that much.
How You Can Learn to Read Her Body Language
We are born with the ability to read body language. As a small child we can distinguish angry faces from happy faces. We can see if someone is nervous, angry or sad.
Most men are simply just bad at recognizing when a woman likes them. Firstly because men just are worse than women when reading body language. Secondly, nine times out of ten, because men are too busy with themselves. They are too busy trying to make a good impression.
The second one is easy to overcome. If you are nervous or just concerned with how you come across to her, it is easy to forget to pay any attention to her.
If you can learn to focus on her then the first signs she gives will quickly and easily stand out. In order to get really good at reading the signs that tell a girl likes you, you will have to invest time however. Not something you can learn in a few days unfortunately, time and attention is needed.
Start by observing other couples on a date. See if you can pick up any of the signals the woman gives. Then try it yourself, step by step. Focus first on the hands, then on the posture and so on. Build your skills step by step.

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Why Women Shouldn't Ask Men Out - Hold Off Ladies And Let Him Hunt!

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Times have changed, that's a fact. If a man suggests going clubbing these days, women are pretty safe in the knowledge that he doesn't intend to club her round the head and drag her back to a cave, but although the role of the woman is somewhat different, never disregard a man's innate need to hunt.

So, this is a tricky one. Women have evolved in terms of their role in society, they are quite rightly seen as being equal to men, and in the workplace can even be described as more aggressive than their male counterparts. Women are confident, forthright and able to go out there and get what they want, but when it comes to men, they are warned to place their feet firmly on the brake pedal.
It hardly seems fair that females have to quash their natural desire to reproduce in favour of the males natural desire to hunt, but that's just the way it is I'm afraid.
Ladies - do not make excuses that he might be shy or he hasn't had the opportunity to ask you or he perhaps can't get hold of you, maybe he's on holiday, he could have lost your number, I repeat, men are hunters, if they want you, they will come and find you. If he doesn't then he simply doesn't want you, sorry girls.
So what happens if you do go ahead and ask a man out?
Well he might just say yes and that's great. He still doesn't have the hunt out of his system though so don't be surprised if it doesn't last. Maybe he said yes to you whilst wishing he could pluck up the courage to ask out your 6ft tall, blonde haired, blue eyed voluptuous best friend, but in the meantime, you'll do!
Don't play second fiddle, wait to be asked, it's just the way it has to be. Think about all of those guys who have asked you out, they pursue you even if you turn them down, they keep on trying, keep on texting, keep on calling. If the guy you've fallen for isn't doing that, he's not interested, no excuses, sorry.
I know how easy it is to sit there staring dreamily into space imagining your life with your new favoured beau; dreaming of your wedding day, practising your new signature and naming your kids, but please, if he hasn't called you to ask you out, then all of the above is exactly how I described it, imagined!
Stop wasting your daydreams and move on. Believe me when I say I am saving you months and months of heart wrenching agony.
On the flip side, if a guy gets in touch by any method, even a one line text, it means he is thinking about you. If he wasn't, then he wouldn't get in touch at all.
That's a great sign but still, don't jump the gun, wait patiently and time will tell. It may never be, but leave the ball in the guys court on this one girls, don't rush, don't push, Mr Perfect is out there and all he need do is ask.
And if he does, he may just end up being 'The One'.

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Where to Meet Single Men: Try These Top 5 Places

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Ladies, would you like to find a great guy for yourself? Do you find yourself wasting time with players and other losers? There is a good chance that you might be looking for love and romance in the wrong places. Now you're probably wondering, "what are the right places where I can meet single men?"

Here are the top 5 places where to meet single men:
1. The Internet
  • Although some players, jerks, and other losers will get on dating sites to look for easy "prey," you can still find some decent men here
  • Two of the top free dating sites are Mingle2 and Plenty of Fish
  • You could also find singles groups through (if you prefer to meet new people within a group as opposed to a one-on-one date)
  • In your online profile, make sure you are clear about what you're looking for as well as what you're not looking for
  • Anytime a guy asks you to come over to his place (or to go over to your place) for the very first time, consider this a red flag
  • Always make sure to meet in a public place (such as the mall food court, at a coffee shop, etc.)
2. The Gym
  • If you prefer men who work out and take care of their health and fitness, then the gym can be a great way to meet single men
  • Whenever you see a guy you like exercising at a distance, look at him and smile now and then
  • If he doesn't eventually approach you to break the ice, feel free to break the ice with him (such as asking him how to use a certain machine)
  • You could also sign up for an exercise class or two and meet potential boyfriends there
  • Wherever you go to meet single men and find potential boyfriends, just remember that most of them are more afraid of you than you are of them
3. At Work
  • When it comes to meeting men at work, at least you know that he has a job and makes his own money
  • You don't want to flirt with guys who work in the same department or area as you
  • If both of you were to have a fight and/or breakup, then it would become a drag going to work and doing your job
  • Ideally you'll want to flirt with guys who work in a different department or different area (a situation where both of you work in two different places during the day)
4. At Church
  • If you prefer to meet a single man with morals and values, then church can be a great place
  • Some churches have singles ministries where single men and women can come together as a group, go places, and do things together
  • Be sure to keep in mind that just because you meet a guy at church doesn't mean you don't have to worry about jerks, players, and other losers
  • It is still possible to meet a loser guy at church, so trust your intuition at all times
5. Through Mutual Friends
  • Sometimes a friend or coworker might know a single guy that would make a great match with you (at least in their opinion)
  • After all, a true friend wouldn't try to fix you up with a psycho right?
  • Whenever meeting a single guy through mutual friends, always trust your intuition
Now you know at least 5 places where you stand a good chance of meeting a great single guy. As you go about your quest to find a nice man for yourself, remember to take things slowly and stay true to yourself. Also keep in mind that you'll probably find your dream guy when you're not even trying. You could even meet him during your next trip to the grocery store!

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