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How to Prepare for Courtship

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Courtship is frequently referred to as a game. Whether this line of thought complies with your own or not, it may be a good idea to start seeing things as if they were indeed a game. Games have rules and like all good players you need recognise them, comprehend them and follow them.

Irrespective of your dating experience, be it veteran or greenhorn entering the dating world with a few basic pointers can set you on the right track. The heart can often lead people down the wrong path regardless of how smart, wealthy or beautiful you are. The wrong moves could leave you alone and frustrated, not knowing where it all went wrong. Unfortunately there is no magic guidebook to follow by the letter that will give you a successful date every time, things that worked once might not work again, things you wouldn't have given a second thought to could have been the answer to the perfect date.
Nevertheless there are widespread nuggets of advice, applied in the right context, will give almost everybody a degree of success in the game of lovers.
First of all before you start dating at all, you should be sure on what type of relationship you're looking to achieve. Do you want a causal relationship that doesn't last long, or would you like a long term relationship with a partner that suits your personality.
Weigh the confidence you have in yourself. Anybody will tell you confidence equates to attractiveness, confidence might not be everything but it's definitely a large stride in the right direction towards impressing your date.
Preparation is an absolute, there is no getting around it. Lack of preparation tells people you don't care, so take time to consider things like your look, does it need updating, have you considered a new wardrobe or a new haircut perhaps?
Ultimately dating should be a fun experience it shouldn't be a nervous awkward exchange. Use the thrill of meeting new people, harness the excitement and bend it to your will, it'll make you a far more memorable date if you're engaged in conversation.
Back to my original point, dating is a game and it should be played with the same finesse you'd bring to a poker game, don't reveal your full hand straight away. Everybody likes a bit of mystery. You don't want to be overly accessible, don't forget the chase can be just as fun as the rewards of catching your partner.
So let's get to some basic do's and don'ts to round up.
Be on time nobody likes waiting! And dress accordingly.
Have fun with it. It's not life and death.
Listen! Showing an interest in hobbies, favourite foods, books and more.
Flattery goes a long way, let them know you've noticed the effort they put in.
Lying, is a definite no, be honest and don't ruin the trust before it's had its chance
If you're noticing a bad pattern emerging in your dating choices, change it. Mistakes shouldn't happen repeatedly.
Don't forget manners, common courtesy is a dying thing and is very well respected in the dating scene.
Last but not least, don't put yourself at risk.
Dating is a skill like anything else it can be hard at first but the more you throw yourself into it the more like second nature it will become and soon you'll be having great dates as easy as breathing.
Thanks for reading good luck to all the singles out there!

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