Thursday, August 16, 2018

Creating a Space Within for Having the Right Love Relationship

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You want to have a long lasting love relationship and you think you are doing the right things to have it, only to realize you are not you are sabotaging yourself.

You have an expectation of what the relationship should be like and you believe that you are on the right track only to notice that you do not attract the person and if you did it is not the right person.
Your logically mind have this idea of what you should be doing and you take actions such as registering to the dating sites and nothing is happening,
your friends keep setting you up with people they know and it is not working out.
You may blame yourself or another for thing not working out saying it is your fault or the other, and feeling sad and hopeless about the whole idea of dating.
Feeling hopeless
You get to feeling hopeless and start spending time with friends and saying to yourself it does not matter or that you will remain alone for the rest of your life.
Conscious actions
When you take an action to having the person in your life, you expect results and when it is not happening it is not fault.
You may take action by joining clubs or having a friend set you up on a blind date, only to have failure with it.
Consciously creating a place
Steps to take for have another person in your life.
You can create a place in your home for having the person to be in your life.
Have tooth brush in the bathroom.
Practice sleeping on one side of the bed.
Have a space in the closet for the other person.
Create a place on the table for the person.
Create a place in the closet for their clothes.
If it is a male you are attracting, buy shaving cream and razor.
If you want to attract a female, bubble bath soap, oils, incense, candles.
Hang bath robe in the closet (male or female).
Talking to people
Learn to be open by say hello to people and not be afraid that all people are out to get you this helps to create confidence and flexibility within.
Conclusion: Creating a space within can be triggered by taking the time to create the space outside of you.

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