Friday, July 13, 2018

Is It Time To Open Up Your Heart?

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Are you in a relationship that is making you ill and you're sick and tired of being sick and tired? If this is you then you are probably ready to open up your heart and write a new chapter into your relationship journal.

Start today and make some necessary changes - for your heart, head and health by considering this blueprint toward a better tomorrow:
1. Use your powers to forgive anyone who has hurt you - once you feel that you have reached that state of detachment, you will make huge strides toward emotional healing.
2. Refrain from replaying past hurts over and over in your mind. You could spend forever trying to change the way it ended and still end up with the same old heart aches.
3. Remember those happy days of your past relationships, build on the feelings of euphoria that come from great memories.
4. Project a new relationship into your future. Find a photo of your type of man, frame it and place it on your night stand. If you just love a certain man's aroma, buy it and spray some on a man's bathrobe, hang it in your closet. See him in your-minds-eye, enjoy the essence of him by his scent and know all things change. He will enter your life when you least expect it.
5. What brings you up when you are down? What makes you smile or laugh-out-loud? Whatever that is, do it and do it often.
6. Keep a mental wastebasket handy. When sad or unhappy thoughts break-in to cause you pain, mentally see yourself tossing them into the basket to be rid of them permanently. Never be unsettled by goodbyes, they happen all the time and often for very good reasons.
Allow your past to remain in the past and so you can focus your intentions and dreams on today.
If your past relationships have been fraught with unhappiness and unpleasant situations, free yourself from all the pain by realizing that it wasn't working and didn't support well-being in your life and that was what caused your sick and tired feelings.
Because you are what you think - happy thoughts and new friends will help form new memories. They will work like a magnet drawing you toward people who will help get you past your hurts if you'll let them. Trust new people and new experiences into your everyday life today, your tomorrow will be much brighter.
Believing in a bright, new relationship and sending good, positive thoughts into the universe will make it happen. And always remember, "There is no distance on this earth as far away as yesterday." by Robert Nathan. You know it to be true!

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