Thursday, July 12, 2018

How Bad Breakups Can Help You Find Your Soulmate

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Have you ever had one of those life shattering, I'm kinda afraid for my life, kind of breakups before?

Where the separation rocked you to your core? And the other party shall remain nameless until the end of time? Why? Because you fear that if you do say their name it will give them power and energy. Fueling their evil genius. Giving them the strength to unleash their wretchedness upon other unsuspecting victims.
Sort of like how people don't want to say the dark lords name (Voldemort) in Harry Potter.
I know that these type of breakups suck the life out of you.
But on the flip-side they are pure gold.
No, I'm not crazy. Just stop and think about it for a second.
If you take some time to analyze that past relationship, you'll gain a ton of valuable wisdom. Not only about what you DON'T want in a partner. You'll also discover what you ARE looking for in a Soulmate. And there'll probably be boatloads of info that you can learn about yourself hidden in there as well.
So instead of looking at that past relationship as the darkest, most horrible time of your life. See it for what it is. An experience that you can learn and grow from. Take some time out of your busy and hectic day to really settle in and have a good look at that time in your life. Bust out a couple sheets of paper. Three sheets will do nicely for this exercise.
On the top of sheet one title it, "What I DON'T want in a partner."
On the top of sheet two title it, "What I DO want in a partner."
On the top of sheet three title it, "What I learned about myself from that relationship."
Now start with sheet one, "What I DON'T want in a partner." and just let loose. Write down everything that you can think of. Then use that as the basis for sheet two, "What I DO want in a partner."
And again, be honest with yourself. If you really want someone who loves basket weaving, has a hot body, and can hunker down and enjoy So You Think You Can Dance with you then write it down.
For the last sheet, it's time to suck-it-up and finally have a good hard look at you. What can you learn about yourself from that experience? If you're having a hard time with it and can't see clearly then call in another set of eyes. Get on the phone and ask a friend for their help.
This simple process will help you to stop attracting default lovers into your life.
Your clarity will be a starting point for someone amazing to be magnetically drawn to you.
And that someone could possible be your Soulmate.

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