Tuesday, July 31, 2018

11 Best Ways to Keep a Man Interested

Image result for 11 Best Ways to Keep a Man InterestedWhile finding the right man who is a perfect match is hard, it is even more challenging to keep the man interested. Once you have established that two of you are a match, you must learn how to keep him interested. Men want someone who is desirable to them but still admired by many. So don't adjust your life completely. Be mysterious, have your sweet moments with other people. Here's how to keep a man interested.

1. Appreciate Him and be Grateful for the Things he Does for You
Let your man know how grateful you are for how he handles things. Compliment him when he helps you out in the house. Don't wait for the significant events. The fact that you notice his small efforts will make him like you even more. Don't make him think that you take him for granted. Laughing at his jokes makes the man feel important.
2. Be a Partner
Don't limit yourself. Do not allow yourself to be a one night stand or just a booty call. Be reliable. When out having dinner, offer to settle the bill once in a while or at least split it. You can even ask him out to an event which you have to pay for the tickets. Such things will make you stand out. The man will have confidence in you and your ability to establish a stable relationship.
3. Be Confident and Remain Independent
No man wants a lady who is not sure of herself. A bold woman who takes good care of herself is very attractive. Don't let your insecurities ruin your chance of having a good man by your side. Although the thought of spending more time with your man is tempting, don't give in. Have your hobbies and friends to hang out with. Make time for your man but not always. Cancel a date once in a while. People always want that which they cannot have, don't be readily available.
4. Be Spontaneous and Learn how to Seduce him
Surprise him with a very romantic date. Don't allow him to predict your moves. Be very creative when around him. You do not have to be alone in the room for you to make a move. As you hug him goodbye, hold on to it for a little longer. You can kiss him on the neck when he least expects it. Make him remember you and desire to meet you again by seducing him from time to time. While at it, do something that you are comfortable with. Don't try pole dancing if you have no skill set.
5. Dress Admirably and Always Wear Sweet-scented Perfumes
Men are visual beings, and that is not about to change. Although your character may make you stand out, a good outfit will make you stand out. Wear outfits that make men ogle when you pass but be decent and elegant. Let your man feel proud as he walks with you. Nothing will make a guy more interested in you than the fact that other guys wish they can have you.
It could be in their genes or maybe not but men are attracted to sweet scents. Keep your kitchen be fresh at all times and your bedroom smelling like a fresh rose flower. Wear sweet perfumes every time you go for dinner or every time you have a date.
6. Hold Intelligent Conversations
Don't be that girl who is very good at flirting but cannot hold an intelligent conversation. Your man may want to bring you to meet his associates, and he will be more comfortable if he knows that you are capable. When you are together, discuss important matters like career goals and growth. But remember that even if you are very familiar with a particular field, do not try to outsmart him. Let him be the man.
7. Don't Play hard to Get for too Long
Although acting unavailable is a good way of keeping the man coming after you, don't overdo it. Let him know you are interested. Don't make him work too hard to get your attention. Try to match his commitment level, don't let him feel like he is the only interested party.
8. Don't be Jealous of his Female Colleagues and Friends
Don't act out when you see him laugh with a female friend. Be mature and supportive of their friendship. If he happens to check other girls out, let him know that you too think that the girl is beautiful. This way, he will see that you are fully confident with yourself. Make friends with his women colleagues.
9. Win over his Family and Friends
Be sociable and easy when around your man's friend. Make his friends close to you, let them know that you are a catch. When you meet his family, do the same. Let them see you as an all rounded lady that will be a blessing to their son, brother or cousin.
10. Resolve Issues Calmly and Maturely
Disagreements are bound to happen. If you can't handle the problems maturely, you end up hurting the man you love. Instead of an argument, have a conversation with him. Don't allow issues to pile so much to the point of you exploding. Start your conversations with a positive opening statement. A gentle lady is undoubtedly a beautiful woman. Men hate it when ladies use loud voices.
11. Give him Space when he Needs it, Don't be Clingy
Let your man have his time to hang out with his friends or do his things. Avoid the temptation of tagging along unless he has invited you. Remember that by trying to have him all to yourself, you may be pushing him away. Let him go out with his friends and do the same.
Ladies, as you can see, keeping him interested is not that hard. Provided you remain yourself, be confident and compliment him once in a while. Be independent but still let him know that you need him in your life, be spontaneous. Don't wait for him always to initiate things. Lastly, remember to be that girl that other ladies envy and that girl that all the men would like to have. He will never let you go with such qualities.
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Monday, July 30, 2018

Simple Ways to Connect with Your Husband

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Have you ever rolled over in the morning and not known the man lying next to you? I'm not referring to that time back in college - I'm talking about the present. After years of marriage, you may start to feel like your husband is a stranger. Or is it that you feel he's getting stranger? Either way, here are 5 simple ways to stay connected to your husband.

1. Cook a meal together.
Whether it's breakfast or dinner it doesn't matter, as long as you're spending time together. How about getting up early Sunday morning and making a big old-fashioned Sunday breakfast for you and the kids? Or sending the kids to a sitter and preparing a nice romantic dinner together?
You'll save money fixing the meal at home rather than dining out. Plus, you won't have to get "all dolled up" (unless you want to). Most importantly, you'll be using teamwork, which is the number one priority for any marriage.
2. Take on a project and get dirty!
Tackle a big and messy job on your list - cleaning out the garage, pulling up shrubs in the yard, organizing the attic. Make an afternoon of it and do it together! You'll both feel a great sense of accomplishment that the job is finally done and it'll feel great to know that you got it done by operating as a unit.
Now that you've worked up a sweat, why not draw a bath for two?
3. Spend a lazy afternoon going through old photos and reminiscing.
Talk about the activities you used to do when you first started dating and make a plan to start doing them again. You might not be able to do them all, but make the effort to do as many of them as you can, whether it is taking long walks, going to concerts, or making out at the movies.
4. Play hooky!
Plan a day where you can each stay home from work and spend the whole day home - alone - together - doing absolutely nothing! Lay in bed all day, cuddle, and watch movies. Make sure to turn the ringer off on the phone.
5. Make an effort on a daily basis to stay connected to your husband.
Listen, ask questions - be his partner in all aspects of your life. Something as simple as making it a point to say, "How was your day, Honey?" every day when he gets home and listening to his response can make all the difference.
The most important thing to remember is that you are not in your marriage by yourself. Share your concerns with your husband if you're not feeling quite as close as you once did. Let him know how you feel, how it makes you feel and that you want to work on it.
Chances are your husband will be clueless, but once he realizes you're genuinely concerned, he'll jump right in and make more of an effort. Good luck!
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Sunday, July 29, 2018

How to Tell if a Single Woman is Really Interested in You

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It's very important to learn how a single woman acts, speaks,
and uses body language around you that indicates that she is romantically or sexually interested in you. When you learn
these signs, you can use this to your advantage. If a woman
is truly interested in you, this really increases your chances
of scoring with her.

Use these guidelines to tell if a single woman is truly
interested and attracted to you:
1. Big smiles with upper and lower teeth showing, with a
relaxed face.
2. She gazes in your eyes with deep interest and her pupils
are dilated (this could be mistaken for being high on drugs).
3. Biting of the lips or showing of the tongue, licking her
lips or touching of her front teeth.
4. While talking to you she is slowly stroking her cocktail
glass up and down with her thumb and index finger.
5. If she is wearing clothes that shows her nipples underneath
and you notice they are getting perky and erect.
6. She starts sitting straight up and her muscles appear to
be firm.
7. Her crossed leg is pointed towards you or if that same leg
is rocking back and forth towards you.
8. She raises or lowers the volume of her voice to match
9. She rubs her chin or touches her cheek. This indicates
that she's thinking about you and her relating in some way.
10. She blows smoke straight out from between her lips and
toward you.
11. She winks at you while talking to you or winks at you
from a distance.
12. She exposes the palms of her hand facing you.
13. She twirls her hair around her fingers while she is
looking at you.
14. Her skin tone becomes red while being around you.
15. She rubs her wrists up and down.
16. She puts her fingernail between her teeth.
17. She laughs in unison with you.
18. She touches your arm, shoulder, thigh, or hand while
talking to you.
19. Plays with her jewelry, especially with stroking and
pulling motions.
20. She mirrors your body language and body positions.
21. Eyebrows raised and then lowered, then a smile usually
indicates interest in you.
22. While talking to you, she rests an elbow in the palm of
one hand, while holding out her other hand, palm up.
23. In a crowd she speaks only to you and focuses all of her
undivided attention on you.
24. While talking to you, she blinks more than usual,
fluttering her eyelashes.
25. She speeds up or slows down her speaking to match yours.
I know this is a lot of signs to look for, but this will be
to your advantage to know if she's interested in you. If
she's not truly interested in you, you will just be wasting
your time on her. Memorize these positive signs to determine
if she's got the "hots" for you and take advantage of the
situation accordingly with your charm and seduction techniques.

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Why You Must Not Marry

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People have gotten into marriage for the wrong reasons and mind set, they cloud their mind with superficial reasons leaving the important issues why they should not marry in the first place untouched. Below are ten reasons why you must not marry. please read along and be blessed.

1. You must not marry out of lust. People have married out of lust but later found out that all that glitters is not gold. The beauty or ugliness of people is not to be measured from without but from what issues from the inside of them. The content of an individual is to be weighed above his or her container.
2. You must not marry out of sympathy or pity. Feeling guilty or sympathy for any reason about someone's misfortunes and deciding to marry them as a consolation is a wrong decision. For every Jack there is a Jill. God is able to give them a help that meet their situation. He gives a guide to the blind, a nurse to the feeble and a comforter to the heart broken.
3. Do not be manipulated through match making. Nobody knows you like your God and his timing and choice is best for you. He knows your temperaments, strength and weakness. God know the help whom He had created to meet your specification. Indeed nobody knows the product like the manufacturer. God must be involved in the choice we make.
4. You must not be pressurized to marry. Pressure comes from peers and family. Non in this group can absolutely quantify the pain and heart breaks their loved ones experience in marriage, they can only imagine. Imaginations are not good enough to right wrongs in a bad relationship. When the problems become overwhelming they will abandon you.
5. Do not be prophesied into marriage. Any prophecy is subject to your confirmation. You are not responsible for what God had not told you. God is not a respecter of any man. He is able to tell you what He told someone about you. Learn to hear God yourself.
6. You must not rush into marriage. Give it some time. Time reveals secrets, time is a healer of wounds, and time will reassure you of your decision.
7. You are not convinced. Marriage is a journey of a life time. You need to be convinced beyond all doubts that you are ready to go the mile. To save your self the heartache, you must take into cognizance that a broken engagement is better than a broken marriage. Take time to do your checks and be convinced.
8. He or she doesn't respect you. By respect I also mean not valuing your self worth. A relationship like that has a tendency of abuse and violation of your rights, privileges and that of your relatives. You have no business with someone whom you cannot respect or does not respect you.
9. He or she does not share your religious beliefs. Your religious believe is the center and the pivot that your entire life revolves around. Agreeing to marry some persons with a divergent view is seeking calmness in a chaotic atmosphere. Two people cannot walk together except they agree on core issues like their faith and believes.
10. Identity issues. We are identified by our looks, vocation, character and associations. You must be able to have the foresight of looking into the future to see if you will want to be identified with this person in years to come. Marriage gives you identity because the two of you becomes one.
I am sure these will serve as a check list for someone out there that is getting into a relationship or is planning to take his or her relationship to the next level (marriage). Do the check list and let God give you the peace.
Everybody loves to get married someday but they really need to know if marriage is worth it. Wrong choices and reasons always lead to wrong marital destinations. Since marriage is an endless institution, it makes a lot of sense to know why one must not enter into it carelessly. People marry out of lust, sympathy, manipulation, pressure and so many other reasons that point them out of the relationship they might have found themselves in. Caution is very imperative in matters like this which can either prolong a man's life or lead to an early grave.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

5 Online Dating Tips That Men Shouldn't Do Without

Image result for 5 Online Dating Tips That Men Shouldn't Do Without
Know what you want
Before you create your online dating profile, sit down and think about what you are really out for. The kind of woman you would like to meet which includes her personality, hobbies, attitudes, her general disposition, qualifications etc. This will
serve as a guide for you as you will be able to go after the woman of your dreams. Try to make this part of your profile but put it in a positive manner that won't turn off your kinda girl. This will also make the woman see you as someone who is focused and she also will work towards being that kind of woman.
Take charge
Play the lead role. Don't expect a lady to be too forward for your sake, they might feel cheap. Ladies will expect you to play your role by taking charge. Make her feel relaxed and safe. You can ask a girl you met online for her number after the 3rd or 4th message. It shouldn't be on the first chat so she won't feel as if you just want to take her for granted. You should also not delay too much before you ask for her number because she will get to see you as normal chat mate and she might lose interest after a while or even stop replying your chats. Also try to initiate the idea of you meeting at a public place in a broad day light so she will feel more secure.
Don't take women for granted
The fact that it is a dating site doesn't mean you should ask virtually all the ladies on the platform for a date. Don't always be online as if you are jobless and don't make it look like an interview where you are always submitting your CV. Try to show your sincerity.
Always write simple correct sentences
Short messages and statements full of errors will turn down any woman you approach. Always double-check your text for errors. Make every message a girl get from you worthwhile. Let her always look forward to reading your messages. A lady likes a confident man.
See online dating as the kick-off
The site is only a platform where you guys met. You have to meet the woman in person and know how things will work out for the best. Reality is the only place you can nurture what you want. You have to see in order to make the relationship grow.
Read success stories about online dating
Get tips from people who met their wives online, you can make use of their experience to make yours work.

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Questions To Ask When Picking Your Wedding Venue

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If you have decided a few of your favorite wedding venues and you are almost there to sign on your final venue, there are certain things you need to look for. Here are some of the important questions to ask when picking your wedding venue.

1. Is it large enough to host a huge list of guests and activities you have planned already in your wedding?
Here you shouldn't limit yourself to entertainment and catering when booking your wedding venue. Is there enough space for dancing and entertainment? Do you have enough space for it? Is it has enough space to hang out over cocktails for non-dancers?
2. Is the venue available on your special day of the wedding?
Some wedding venues are not available during winter season. So, you need to confirm the same. There are also holidays you need to look for. There is no point in selecting a venue which is not available at the time of year you are planning to tie the knot.
3. Are you planning for destination wedding? How would you keep all your guests comfortable in all kinds of weather?
Do you have any "Plan B" for your wedding locations in case of rain? What if the weather is uncomfortably humid in the month of July? Does the venue have all the arrangements for air-conditioning in indoor areas where guests will stay? What if the weather is chilling cold? Do they have proper arrangements for heating and has enough of comfortable space for guests?
4. Does the venue look the same at the time of year you want to marry?
There are chances that you may have visited the venue during summers but your wedding date falls in November. You need to ensure that the venue has same looks, lighting and overall charm during winters as you have seen during summer. Research online or ask for some pictures of events in all seasons from your destination wedding planner to know what to expect on your wedding day.
5. Is the venue accommodating?
Do you have guests who may come in wheelchairs? Does your venue have some arrangements for them? How they would accommodate guests with small kids? Figure out the limits of your venue and exactly what the wedding venue planner is offering.
6. Is there any provision to host your reception and ceremony at one venue?
Look for the spaces available for each and everything in your ceremony to your reception and cocktail hour. Does the venue make transition smoother for the guests? Is there any option to escape for quick bite with your partner before cocktail? Consider what options are available for you?
7. Is taking pictures allowed?
If you want to stage your first look or just snap some of the party portraits before the event starts, can you do the same and when and where in your venue? Can you visit there before the wedding?
8. Is there any transport options?
Be sure public transport is available, venue is easily accessible, and there is enough parking space for the guests. If there is no transport, you might want to arrange your own for your guests.
Do your research when it comes to choosing your dream wedding venue to ensure your big day runs smoothly and is just as memorable and magical as you want it to be.
Searching the perfect wedding venue for your big day is a huge part of the destination wedding planner process and can leave every bride and groom feeling the pressure, after all the majority of locations have a wide range of wedding venues to choose from. However, ensuring you are prepared with a great set of wedding venue questions when viewing your favorites is the key to sorting the wheat from the chaff and choosing your dream location.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Love Notes: Are You Deceiving Yourself?

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"Nothing is easier than self deceit." Anonymous

Think about it. Have you ever deceived yourself? That is, somewhere inside you know what is true and yet you deny it. Maybe it has to do with your career. You know you are not satisfied with your performance or that you have out grown your work and yet you don't take any action to change. Or it might be in the area of a relationship, where you enjoy the person and have fun together, but you know there is something missing.
When we feel this discontent, one question to ask is, "Am I really putting my whole self into this? Or is there a part of me that is holding back?"
At times it is a lack of full commitment that keeps us from experiencing that fullness of life. And sometimes it is that we have put ourselves in a situation that is not congruent with our vision and values of who we really are. Do you have a vision for your life? Can you clearly state that vision if someone were to ask you? Many people are vague about their vision and so they choose careers or lovers that do not fit with their vision. Then they wonder why things don't seem to go well or why they feel empty.
If you find that you are having trouble getting committed to something, here are some questions to ask yourself.
- What am I really passionate about? If you are really passionate something then commitment is usually not a problem. It's when we are trying to make ourselves care more about something than we really do, that we have trouble getting committed.
- What will I miss out on if I don't do this?
- What will it cost me if I don't move forward now?
- How will if effect me spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially if I don't get in touch with my passion?
- If I do identify and act on my passions, how will I feel about myself?
- What kind of momentum could I have if I go for it?
- How much happier could I be if I were making concrete strides toward what I am passionate about?
When you live your life from your true passion and purpose, things seem to fall into place. People and opportunities show up at the right time. Doors open. You feel happy and content, yet have energy that fuels you forward. Don't live in self deceit any longer. Go for your dreams!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Ways to Spice Up Your Long Distance Relationship

Image result for ways to spice up your long distance relationship

One of the toughest kinds of relationships, and yet one of those who everyone wants to experience. Yes, it's a long distance relationship that some people, once in a life time, always want. Long distance is something that melts people. It is difficult to maintain one and that's a very mainstream statement to make. It is the best way to realize the importance of the other person. It shows us the true value of a relationship and the worthiness of the other. It is a test for all those who are strong enough to handle one. And so, here are a few tips and ways by which one can spice up their long distance..

This is the most important part of the relationship. Being able to tell the other person how you felt throughout the day might sound a little cliche, but it is the best you could do. But yes, don't force them into knowing EACH AND EVERYTHING.
A: 'Hey I made a cheese sandwich today.'
B: 'I'll alert the media.'
Like seriously, no. Nobody wants to have an absolutely unnecessary conversation like that. Other than what happened above, you should be able to tell each other everything else.
You might find this too mushy mushy, but no. It actually helps. Do a random 1-10 rating rapid fire round and find out what he/she likes most about what you like too. They might end up liking what you love too. But no, don't expect your boyfriend to rate clothes and accessories. If you want to, give him an option of going negative on numbers.
THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. Let the other person breathe. If they want to go out, let them. If they don't want to text you for some time, let that be it. Don't make a fuss out of small issues. Sometimes, even if it's the hard truth, the fact is that we need ourselves more than we need our better halves. Sometimes your importance defines your relationship. What you need is probably more important that what the relationship needs at the moment.
One of the biggest problems that come up are boyfriends (even girlfriends sometimes) telling their better halves to not dress up the way they do. IT'S A BIG NO NO TO THAT. Dress up the way you want to. Dress up for yourself. Make sure what you do makes you happy because that's how you'll be able to keep the relationship working. And stay away from people who tell you what to do.
Everyone in a serious relationship would understand this. With the growth of the relationship, people start understand that they have some responsibility and duty towards their partners. And so, taking decisions becomes very important. Talk about things. Talk about life long goals and make sure that you help each other decide what you want. This helps one develop their relationship their own way.
This is too mainstream but true. Be there for each other when you need each other the most. Everyone makes a mistake for which you stop trusting them. But if you're looking for ways to make your relationship stronger, then make sure you also see how much effort your partner is making in order to gain your trust back. Please don't make them feel like they committed a crime. It's really very immature to get in between all those mistakes from the past in your present fights. Stop that.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

15 Makeup Mistakes You May Be Making Every Day

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When it comes to makeup and beauty, the mistakes you make can really affect your appearance. Remember, that first impressions mean everything. Therefore, it is very important to make yourself look lovely, even fabulous, before you leave your house. There are several mistakes we end up making, even without having an idea that we are doing it all wrong. Like, having one brush that serves your entire makeup needs. Too much bronze, the wrong foundation, and blending makeup badly. Everyone is guilty of many of these so, to save you from the embarrassment of walking around looking like a clown, below are 15 mistakes that you may be doing and, how to correct them.

1. Applying makeup on dry skin
This is one of the commonest mistakes. Applying makeup on dry skin can affect your face, causing dryness and flakiness. You can avoid dryness and flakiness by exfoliating your skin once a week or, find alternative ways, like moisturizing and cleansing, to get rid of the dead skin cells. When your face is already moist, then you can go ahead and apply your makeup. The results will be amazing. Never, ever, apply makeup on a dry face without moisturizing first.
2. Wrong foundation
This is the worst mistake. We tend to forget that foundation comes in a whole range of different shades. We all have been there where we choose the wrong foundation that is not suitable for our face. To ensure that you do not end up looking like a clown, make sure that you choose the right foundation. Go to a store where they sell beauty products and look for two different shades that are close to your skin tone; then swatch the foundation on the side of your jaw line to see which foundation matches your skin.
3. Overdoing the bronzer
Going extreme with the bronzer is also one of the worst mistakes to make. Bronzer only adds warmth to your complexion. Too much bronzer makes you look muddy, or burnt, so you don't want to look like someone who has just came from a swim in mud. You only apply Bronzer on places where the sun hits you; places like the forehead and nose. Do not forget to apply it to the neck too.
4. Dirty makeup brushes
We are all guilty of this neglect. Most women make this mistake while applying makeup, using dirty sponges and brushes. Dirty brushes and sponges lead to breakout. When applying makeup using the same brush an uneven makeup application occurs. To ensure that your brushes and sponges are dirt and bacteria free, wash them with mild shampoo and warm water at least once every week.
5. Applying too much makeup
This phrase is cliché but very important: "less is more." Why is this? It's because too much makeup can make you look very old. The only time you should apply too much make up is if you have severe acne so, rather than that, stay away from putting too much foundation on. Instead, use a single coat of concealer and foundation, in order to cover minor spots.
6. Buying make up without testing
You are in rush to get home so you stop by the store, grab your makeup, and leave. This is not a good idea. Remember how you try your clothes before buying? The same applies to makeup. You have to test your makeup because it is important. When makeup has contact with air it changes color and texture due to oxidation.
7. Testing makeup in wrong areas
You are probably doing this right now and this is also wrong. Normally we test foundation and lipstick on the back of our hands but, this will not give accurate results. To know if a foundation is the right shade for you, put it on your jawline. For lipstick, you can apply it on the lips or fingers.
8. Not using a primer
An important stage we ignore. This is the most important stage of makeup application because a primer ensures that the makeup slides on easily and helps the makeup to stay for longer without fading.
9. Sticking to one product
We all have that one makeup product that we love so much and cannot live without using. This habit is very dangerous because you probably miss trying different and new products.
10. Applying powder in the wrong places
Sometimes we powder the whole face and that is not necessary. The right way to use powder is to apply it on your face in parts that tend to be oily. Use a big powder brush in the powder and tap off the excess; then rub gently on your face.
11. Using the same product throughout the year
We often forget that, as seasons change, the skin changes too. So, what worked for you last season may not work this season. The foundation that worked well on you during summer may tend to be too dry for you skin in winter. It is advisable to change your make up product according to the season.
12. Applying the wrong shade of blush
This mistake is widely made. When applying blush, you should go for the shade that matches your natural blush. If you are wearing a bold lip color, make sure that the blush is of a lighter shade.
13. Not applying eye liner according to your eye shape
Avoid making this mistake. Remember that the placement of the eyeliner is as important as the color. You should take note of your eye shape. When you have close-set eyes, the thickest part of the liner should be on the outer corner of the eye as this will make the eye look bigger.
14. Over-filling eyebrows
For perfect eyebrows, avoid over-filling. Because when you over-fill, or use a shade that is too dark to fill the eyebrows, then they will look very heavy and intense. Perfect eyebrows give your face that amazing look.
15. Applying light concealer
There is this myth that when looking for a concealer you should pick a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. This is incorrect and a very big mistake. You should apply concealer that suits your skin tone.
If you keep in mind all the above, you are likely to look perfect by avoiding all the above mistakes. The above article will be of great use to this end.

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Monday, July 23, 2018

How to Move on Easily From a Relationship Breakup

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Breakups are hard, but it'll happen whether you like it or not. That is probably one of the reasons why a lot of people are afraid to fall in love or get in a relationship. However, being in love or having that intimate relationship with someone is a nice feeling.

It shouldn't be something people have to be afraid of. People, at least once in their life, should have a taste of breakup.
Breakups, although hard and painful, can actually bring some positive effects to one's life. For a short while, there will be many nights drowning in tears or feeling of insecurity and lack, but after you come out of it, you'd feel stronger and a lot better. Actually, to those who have been honed by it, they can surely tell how love and breakups have shaped them to become better individuals.
In this article, you would learn not only the benefits of relationship breakups but as well as how to move on from that season easily. Here are some tips:
The first thing you need to do is to release forgiveness. One of the reasons why people can't easily move on is because they are still holding on to something, and that is bitterness and grudge.
If one is unable to forgive oneself or the other party, it would be hard to receive peace and joy from what happened. Forgiveness is a sign that you are ready to shrug away what happened and move forward.
Even if the person who committed a painful mistake during the span of time you were in a relationship have chosen not to ask forgiveness from you, it would be best to just forgive the person any way. If the person has no intention of asking for your forgiveness, then there is no point of waiting for it any longer. Rather, settle in your heart to just forgive the person and receive peace and freedom by doing it.
Look for what's ahead
Part of moving on is forgetting the past while looking forward to the future. There is no point of staying in one awful situation for a long time; otherwise you would be stuck in it making it harder for you to break free in the end.
If you have already decided in your heart to move on, then begin by planning out what you would want to do in the future. Perhaps you can shift gear and decide to focus on your career, family, hobbies, or other interests you may have. You may revise your short-term and long-term goals as if the past is not included anymore.
By looking into the future, you are leaving the past behind. And by leaving the past behind, you need to reinstate your goals. These will serve as your motivation to continue to move on.
Ask for help
No one said that moving on from a breakup is easy. Most people who have gone through it would say that the journey was hard and painful.
Yet, don't become too focused on the issue itself. Rather, seek out help from the people you trust. They could be your parents, anyone from your family, your friends, your teacher, your instructor, and some other people you look up to including celebrities and famous personalities.
You can get inspiration from their past experiences or perhaps ask advice from them. There is also nothing wrong with reading self-help books and magazines that will help you better move on.
Always remember that the journey is too painful for you take on your own. In situations like this, you can't possibly be just the hero of your own story. You need other people to lift you up when times get rough for you.
Love yourself
The last, but definitely not the least, is to learn to love yourself. By loving yourself, this means putting yourself first ahead of others. As you begin to recover from what happened, you start embracing who you are, including your own flaws and imperfections, so that you remain secure with your identity and be happy and contented with it.
By loving yourself, this means giving yourself personal space, treating yourself with whatever makes you happy, and enjoying life with your friends and family.
While the process may be difficult at first, but once you have overcome it, you would surely come out stronger, wiser, and way better than before. That is why there is no reason to be afraid of love, more so breakups.

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Inexpensive Dating Ideas

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Dating and saving money. For many, the two concepts don't equate. There's an automatic reaction for most when suggesting the two together that the person paying is trying to be "cheap" and the resulting date will naturally have the same feel. Contrary to popular belief, however, dating doesn't have to be expensive to be fun, entertaining and memorable.
It doesn't even have to take a whole lot of extra preparation time. What it does take is a little imagination and breaking from the typical date routine. You have to be willing to think beyond dinner and a movie and be willing to try something new for a change. Here are 15 inexpensive dating ideas: 10 for anyone plus 5 for the adventurous.
Natural Scenery: The beauty of nature is all around us and it doesn't cost a dime. Whether it's a trip to the beach, a walk in the forest or a search into a cave, it can be done together for practically nothing. Take the time to find the natural scenic spots in your area and utilize them for your dates.
Sports: If you and your date are both athletic, sport activities together can be a great way to spend your time. Play a set of tennis, jog in the park, toss a Frisbee about, play catch with a baseball or football or shoot some baskets. Whichever you choose, you can spend quality time at minimal cost and get some exercise in, too.
Picnic: Picnics are great for dates because they can be taken along wherever you plan to go for the day and they cost a fraction of going out for a meal. They also can be made as casual or as romantic as you want. Take a casual picnic meal, add some cheese & wine along with a red rose and the picnic instantly takes on a romantic feel.
Historic Places & Buildings: It seems the only time people go looking at the historic landmarks near where they live is when visitors come from out of town. Many of these historic or culturally significant spots have no or small entrance fees and make a great place to go on a date. You also get to learn more about the area you live.
Meal/Evening At Home: Cook up a meal at home and spend the evening watching movies or some other activity such as a board game. The meal most likely will be better than at a restaurant and the evening will cost a fraction of what going out to dinner and a movie would cost. Cook the meal together to spend even more time together, or do it yourself as a special surprise.
Memory Album: Take your camera or purchase an inexpensive disposable camera and make a day of taking photos together. Make a theme for the day if you want or just take any crazy photo that comes to mind. Once finished, get the photos 1 hour processed and create a memory album together for the day that will live on forever.
Museums: If you have museums in your area, they can be an excellent place to enjoy an inexpensive date. Admission prices are usually reasonable and often they have discounts for those attending a number of events over the year.
Learn A New Skill: Gather some information on a skill you always wanted to learn and spend a day practicing it together. It could be a day of learning card tricks, learning how to juggle or learning to make bird calls. Any skill you have always wanted to try can make a fun and interesting date.
College Events: If you live near a college or university, utilize their resources for your dates. Guest lectures, music recitals, art exhibitions and plays are common and are often free of charge. The quality can be excellent and the variety enormous.
Hobby Together: you can set a regularly scheduled date if the two of you have a hobby you both enjoy. You can look in the local community newsletter to see if there are classes being offered in something that interests both of you. These classes are usually quite inexpensive and the two of you can enjoy a few hours each week together learning something new.
For those who are looking for an inexpensive date with some adventure involved, here are five more options that are sure to make the evening memorable:
Local Thrift Shop Date: Plan a date someplace where there are a lot of people. Before going, head down to the local thrift shop together. Once there, specify a small amount of money to purchase clothing or accessories for the other and both head off in different directions. The goal is to find items the other has to wear for the rest of the day/evening within the price specified. The entertainment is seeing the reaction from all the people who see your new outfit as you wander the crowded area.
Follow Them Date: As the two of you meet, you look around and pick somebody out on the street. The date is to follow that person where ever he or she goes. Once that person has stopped or you can no longer follow them, pick another person to follow. Your bound to have loads of laughs as you attempt to stay with your designated guide.
Scavenger Hunt Date: When your date arrives, have him or her make a list of what he or she considers to be 20 unusual items. Once the list is made, the date will be to try and find as many of those items as possible.
Truth Or Dare Date: Pick some spots in your area to visit, but play truth or dare along the way. It doesn't really matter where you go since the entertainment is doing the various dares that the other gives in addition to telling all the truths.
Bag Of Dates: Put each of the dates I just mentioned, plus any others that you come up with, onto a separate sheet of paper and place them in a bag. When your date comes to the door, have him or her reach inside and choose a piece of paper. Whichever one is chosen is your date for the day/evening.

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How to Attract a Man (Who Will Make You Happy for the Rest of Your Life!)

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"It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it."--Somerset Maugham

An educated, successful, and attractive woman (we'll call Jane) reports that she "really wants to get married." When asked what she's looking for in a husband, her response is a blank stare. She just wants a husband, she says. She's already picked out her engagement ring.
Most of her friends are married or getting married, and she's sick of her mother's weekly calls announcing the weddings of her grammar school classmates. She's tried speed dating and singles' dances. She's made plans for drinks, only to endure the humiliation of being stood up more than once. She's had blind dates, which invariably end with her getting out of some man's car and hoping he'll call again. He usually doesn't, and she wonders what is wrong with her. She never considers whether she even liked the guy.
She has made marriage her goal. She may achieve it one day, but she'd be so much better off if she made a happy marriage her goal. She must rub the vision of herself in a Vera Wang wedding dress out of her mind. First, she must determine the qualities she desires in a husband, and also exactly what she expects from marriage. Otherwise, she could end up with the wrong man. The consequences range from a life of misery to death at the hands of an abuser.
Another woman (we'll call Pat) has been married for twenty years. Her husband buys himself presents for her birthday, like the soap dish and wine glasses he wanted but she didn't. More insultingly, he gave her Dr. Laura's new book, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands.
He has a rotten temper. Once, he threw their toddler's Barney furniture off the back deck and smashed it into pieces because it cluttered the kitchen.
Pat complains that her husband monitors her spending relentlessly. He pitched a fit when she spent $2.95 on a pencil sharpener. He decides when the heat and air conditioning can run and at what temperature. One brutally hot day, he screamed at her for having the audacity to turn on the ceiling fan without his permission.
Pat maintains that her children love their father, but they don't like him. They steer clear of him whenever possible, especially since his method of punishment is to lock them in a room and make them listen to Dr. Laura.
She and her husband both have good jobs, but she is "much better educated" than he. So, how did she get stuck with this creep?
Pat met him when she was 23. He was 29 and from another part of the country, which made him seem worldly. She was so flattered to be with an older guy, so caught up in having fun, that she forgot to take account of his values.
"He used to talk about how his grandfathers ruled the roost," she says. "All the women in their family were beholden to their husbands. He even used to tell me the things his grandfather would do to his grandmother."
This man told her flat-out that his family diminished women, but she was having too good a time to let it sink in. Twenty years later, she's depressed, frightened, and unhappy. She has no self-confidence. Even though she has a good job, she is terrified to go it alone without her husband. She's a prisoner.
Unless Jane raises her standards, she may find herself in Pat's situation one day. She must stop being desperate. She should make a list of the good qualities she has to offer and read it whenever she starts to feel bad about not being married. She should make a list of the qualities she desires in a husband ("kind" should trump "rich"). Reading this list several times a day will help her attract men with these qualities.
She must stop viewing every guy she dates as a potential husband. She must observe a man coolly, rather than cling to him as if he's the last bus out of the depot.
It's critical that she listen carefully when a man talks about other women. Does he look up to his mother, or is does she still make his bed? Does he treat his sisters with respect, or is their main purpose in life making the potato salad? How does he talk about the women in his office? If his boss is female, does he resent her?
It's key to see how he behaves among other men, as well. Is he always playing "top it" with the bigger car, the bigger TV, or the bigger whatever? If so, Jane should tread carefully. He's insecure. Eventually, he's going to take it out on her.
Women can learn much about a man by the way he drives. Does he tailgate? Does he weave in and out of traffic, or is he respectful of other motorists? Does he drive considerately in residential neighborhoods, or does he blaze through? Does he toss burger wrappers out the window at stoplights, or does he treat public property as he would his own?
It doesn't matter whether Jane is 17 or 65. She must never make excuses for a man's bad behavior because he might be her last chance. She must shut off the brainwashing machine. No woman ever has to get married! The single life can be fun and full of adventure. No woman should ever give that up for the wrong man. Marriage does not always equal happiness. Marriage does not always equal success.
But, if Jane plays her cards right, it could. Once she raises her standards for the men she'll go out with, better men will appear. (This is a promise.) She won't have to jump through hoops to find dates. The losers, abusers, and No-Show Joes she used to put up with will disappear. They'll sense that she's out of their league.
Jane will be on her way to finding not just a husband, but also a man who makes her happiness as important as his own.

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