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The next-door fight between two couples

Natasha found her mother out on the street outside their home pacing to and from as she waiting for her husband to appear. Natasha quickly parked to the side and ran after her. The first thing she noticed where the tears in her eyes.
“Mum,” she held her tightly in her arms.
“I am scared Tasha,” Martha cried.
“It’s okay mum, it’s okay…I trust that dad is okay. You know how my heart paces when something bad is about to happen? Well, feel it,” she took her mother’s hand and placed it over her heart.
“It’s calm right?” Natasha said.
“What if something happened? What if the past…what if….”
Natasha slowly released her mother from the embrace and instead held both her hands. “Mum,” she said. “Dad won’t ever do that again.”
Martha gave her daughter a puzzled expression.
“I know,” Natasha said. “I know you and dad didn’t want us kids to know about what happened but there was that one time when I was in high school, you thought I wasn’t at home but I had dodged class to attend a concert. I overheard you and dad talking about how you met.”
Martha stood petrified to the core. “How much did you hear?”
“Not much really, I just heard you telling him not to try anything like that ever again. Your actual words where; no matter how bad you feel things are, nothing is worth taking your own life.
“You have me and the kids now, you are not alone any more. You told dad that if the past comes up again, he should talk to you first and no matter how bad things may seem, you would stick by his side.”
“You remember all that?” Martha asked.
“It was the first time I saw dad cry, of course I remember every single word.”
“I remember that day,” Martha said. “You came home that evening and read out a poem you had written for him. It was the first time you read out anything you had written. Before you would spend hours and hours in your room writing but you never allowed us to see what you were writing. You made your dad cry that day….”
The memory itself was enough to bring tears to the two women.
“Look mum!” Natasha pointed in the distance. “There’s dad’s car!”
Martha quickly turned to check. “Oh my God, that’s him baby.” She was shaking in relief. Natasha moved behind her and placed her arms around her from behind.
“I told you, he would be back home.” She said.
“You did,” Martha said, kissing her daughter’s hand.
Bernard went to park right next to his daughter’s vehicle and the two women ran to his side before he could even step out of the vehicle.
“I am so sorry my love,” Bernard said to his wife as he got out of the car.
“What happened?” Martha asked, taking his hand.
Natasha closed the door for him to give the two a chance to hug it out.
“Where were you dad? You got us very worried.”
Bernard moved from his wife to give his daughter a hug as well. “I am so sorry honey, I swear it won’t happen again.”
“I’ll move my car and you can follow. I guess the two of you have some catching up to do.” She turned and walked to car.
“But dad,” Natasha paused before opening her door. “Don’t ever do something like this again, okay?”
“I promise,” Bernard said.
“What happened, Ben?” Martha asked her husband the moment they were in the privacy of their bedroom.
Bernard sat down on the edge of the bed and hung his head down. Martha joined him by his side.
“I met her Martha.”
Instantly, Martha knew who he was referring to. “Where?”
“Outside Tasha’s place of work…she works there too.”
“I know, some strange fate.”
“Who recognized who first? What did she say when she saw you? What did you say to her? How is she? What does she look like? Where has she been? Is she okay? Did she grow up well?” Martha was excited to hear the good news.
Ben had not given up on the search for his daughter despite the many years that had passed. She was relieved that he could finally get some peace of mind now and experience happiness without feeling guilty every time he smiled.
“Everything happened just like I feared honey,” Ben informed his wife.
Suddenly perturbed, Martha gave her husband a questioning look. “She wasn’t happy to see you?”
“She wasn’t.”
“Oh no…but don’t look so beat my love,” she took his hand. “We expected something like this to happen didn’t we? It’s not like you parted on good terms. The two of you just need to sit down and talk so you can properly apologize and beg her for forgiveness.”
“I wish it was that easy,” he said. “But she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.”
“That’s because she is still mad honey, the two of you just reconnected. It will take some time before she can start thinking of you kindly. Just be patient with her for now and keep going to her and do your best no matter how bad she treats you.”
Bernard sighed heavily. “Nothing like that will ever happen.” Tears had welled up in his eyes.
“Why do you say that honey?” Martha asked. “You are scaring me now. What did she say to you?”
Bernard fully turned his body around to look at his wife. “Honey,” he said in a very low voice.
“What is it Ben?” she asked.
He took a deep breath before speaking. “Luyando,” he began. “She arh…she….”
“She said some things….” He continued. “Some pretty awful things about me to her new parents.”
“So she was adopted? Wow, that’s even better. We always feared something bad might have happened to her or that she might have been taken by some bad people.”
“Did you even hear what I said?”
“I’m sorry honey,” she said. “I was just so relieved when I heard adopted. What did she tell her parents? It can’t be that bad. Did she tell them about your drinking?”
“She told them more than that.” Ben was looking down now, unable to repeat the words that his daughter had said to him. How was a man to tell his wife that his own daughter had accused him of violence and rape?
What did she say?” Martha probed her husband.
“The worst things baby, she said the worst things. She accused me of doing some terrible things to her.”
“Honey, look at me,” Martha put her hand under his chin and lifted his head up. “What’s going on? What did she accuse you of?”
The tears Ben had desperately been fighting back since he came home came pouring out. Like the typical man he was, he tried to hide his pain but Martha knew him too well. She moved closer and embraced him.
“Whatever it is, you can talk to me about it honey.” She told him.
Martha waited for him to calm down and when he finally did, he looked her in the eye and finally told her.
“Rape!?” Martha was in deep shock. “She accused you of rape?”
“I never did anything like that to her Martha. I would never touch my daughter like that. Please, please…you have to believe me. No matter how drunk I got, such thoughts never even crossed my mind. I promise you Martha….please, say something.”
Ben, Ben,” she put her hand over his lap. “Relax, I wasn’t quite because I doubt you. Rape? You?” she laughed. “I was just shocked that she would accuse you of something like that. Why did she do that?”
Ben looked relieved upon confirming his wife’s trust in him. “She said it was the only way to ensure they adopted her instead of just leaving her some money and sending her back to me. She wanted to have the kind of life they gave their son.
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The rollover tournament in my campus

Jemimah rolled on her bed as her friends sprinkled water on her.”Wake up,sleepy head”They mocked.
“Oh my God,Just let me sleep”She said drowsily.
“Let you sleep?..It’s 7:45am.Have you forgotten we’re having Math 121 test this morning”Christi
anah quizzed.
“Jesus!!”She said and sprang up from the bed.
“Aww…see your friend”Eniola laughed from the dressing mirror where she was making over.
Jemimah rushed to the bathroom and within 30 minutes she was done.She knew she was late for the test already and would have to wait outside the lecture room.Her previous day had been so stressful with lectures.All thanks to her boyfriend,Jake who brought her home on his old inherited motorcycle.As she thought of her lover,a sweet sensation passed through her Body.Although Jake’s not rich,he at least gave her love,care,attention and most of it all Peace.He had pointed it out straight to her that he wants no intimacy whatsoever until they are legally married.
A call startled her and she saw it was Eniola calling.
“Hello”She said.
“We’ve been to class,the students said that man is not coming.He told the H.O.C that he would be attending a conference at Uyo”Eniola said.
“Ohh,no problem then…So where are you guys?”She asked.
“On our way back home before going out”Eniola said.
“To where…”She asked but Eniola had disengaged the call.
She shrugged and laid back on the bed,closing her eyes.Her phone mobile phone rang once more.She hissed and reluctantly took it.It was Jake.She brightened up.
“Hello baby”She said sweetly.
“Hi girl”Jake replied.
“I’m good,where are you?”She asked.
“Yeah,just left the Department now..Heading to the main gate”Jake replied.
“So hum…Are we seeing today?”She asked rolling her eyes beautifully.
“No,yòu can’t”Eniola chipped in as she came in with a Tall,Dark guy behind her.Jemimah disengaged the call.She hissed bitterly.She recognised the guy to be,David Ridd,the son of the multi billionaire,Chief Mark Ridd who resides in switzerland and controls Nigeria’s oil from his caliphate.
“Look who’s here,Jemmy”Christianah said.Jemimah dilated her eyes and hissed.
“Haha,guess jemimah is shy of me”David replied with his deep voice.
David Ridd is a final year student at the Department of Petrochemical Engineering.Just like his father,he’s already making millions and has a lot of girls tripping for him but the girls disappear mysteriously after taking them home to his base in Lagos.
“Maybe we should excuse,you lovers”Eniola said and she went out with christianah behind her.
Jemimah looked hostile and angry.She hates this guy,she thought but he wouldn’t let her be.
“Jemimah,i’m here once again to get the answer to my proposal”David said calmly.
“David or whatsoever you’re called.Don’t you get it,I have a lover and see(shows him her fingers).I’m engaged to him.He’s my world and everything”Jemimah replied and adjusted herself.
“Err,Well.What’s the essence of eating a church rat when you have a fat chicken?”David said and folded his arms.
“Excuse me?”Jemimah asked with frustration.
“What good will that poor waif do you?.Think of it,baby.Won’t he abandon you if he hits the iceberg?.You deserve nothing but the best,Jemimah.Fine,you might hate me but i just hope you would learn the truth one day only i pray it wouldn’t take a long time.I think i have to go now.You have my number.Call me if you need any help.”David said and stood up.”Girls,you can come in”He added.
Eniola and christianah entered smiling radiantly.
“You’re leaving already?”Enny asked.
“Yes,i am”David replied as he brought out bales of money.He counted some,gave Eniola and christianah.
“This is for you”He said pointing a fat roll of money to Jemimah.Jemimah frowned.
“Bring it,Uncle dave..She’s shy.I will give it to her.”Eniola said.
“Okay,you girls should have a nice day”David replied and went out of the room.
“Hmm.Jemimah i will advice you go for David.Stop dating that Footroener”Christianah said.
“Please i will take everything but not insults on my boo”Jemimah spatted.
“Boo indeed…Hahaaahaha”The two girls laughed in mockery.
Jemimah looked away as the money was forced into her hand.She knew she was fighting an emotional battle and she hoped she Jake and his coursemates were at the New science hall expecting their lecturer.It was really a huge crowd as all sorts of noises were going on be it,relevant and irrelevant issues.
“You know,i hate this Physics 321..I just wanna be alone”Taiwo said in frustration as he threw his pen on the floor.
“Err…Have you gotten the solution to it Jake?.I don’t want any noise if the woman comes”Felicity asked.
“Still on it..give me few minutes”Jake replied.
Another guy,Victor by name entered and started Jesting around the hall.
“Ah..Just take a look at victor”Felicity exclaimed.
“Sss…Face what you’re doing.You aren’t here because of anyone”Taiwo spatted.
“Alright guys,i’m done with it…Have a look”Jake said and passed his notebook to them.
“Wow!…Give me five”Felicity shouted happily.”You’re really brilliant”.
“Let me see now”Taiwo said frowning.
Jake’s phone rang and he picked up.
“Hello girl”He said.
“Where are you?..We really need to talk”Jemimah said at the other end coldly.
“Is everything okay”He quizzed.
“Yes,just tell me where you’re”She replied.
“I’m at New science hall”He said.
“Are you having lectures?”She asked.
“Hmm,yes but the woman’s not around”He said and stamped on the ant trying to enter his trouser.
“Okay,on my way”She replied.
Jake smiled as he disengaged the call,he couldn’t wait to see her.Hardly had he entered to sit,when there was a stir among the male students.He turned and there was his beautiful girl,Jemimah walking in a sexy gait towards him.He smiled and stood up.The male students shouted”Oyaaaaa
aaaaa!!!”and banged the table.Jemimah covered her face shyly and smiled.Jake took her hand and led her outside.
“Jake,i’m confused”She began.
“How?..Tell me what’s bothering you”Jake asked holding her hands.
“David Ridd is disturbing me into dating him.I know how influential he’s in the school as the student Union president and also a rich guy.I wouldn’t want him to harm you.What can you do to it?.what do you think we can do?”Jemimah said.
Jake bowed his head,his mood had changed.
“Jemimah,hope i won’t lose you”He asked.
“If i have interest in dating him,i wouldn’t be here to tell you all that happened”She said and folded her arms.
“Okay,the lord will see us through”Jake said and patted her back.
“Alright baby,call me”Jemimah said.
“I have no money,infact my gas cooker has finished and no money to refill”Jake said.
“ you haven’t eaten?…Why didn’t you tell me?”Jemimah asked with concern.
“I don’t like the way your friends behave whenever i visit you”Jake said.
“Don’t mind them uhn…Take(opens her wallet and gives him two thousand naira)…manage..I’ll go to the Atm later to get money,so i will get you soup stuffs from the market”Jemimah said.
“Thanks… Iya is around..i have to go”Jake said and ran in as soon as he saw the lecturer’s car.

Jemimah entered the house in the evening after cooking for Jake.She met her friends eating lots of delicacies.She was puzzled.
“Hee hee(Claps her hand)….Where did you get these?”She asked,folding her arms and lips.
“Ha..It’s Uncle dave.Yours is over there”Christian
ah said.
“Tonight we are going to Groovy.A friend of him is celebrating birthday for his girlfriend.We can’t miss it including you”Eniola said and bit her chicken.
“Both of you are thieves”Jemimah said.
“Aww,call us anything.We only know the rich and not the poor..Durhh”Eniola said and rolled her eyeballs.
“Uncle dave asked us to give you this.(pointa money)”Christinah said.
Jemimah collected it and counted.To her surprise,it was a two hundred thousand naira.She walkes towards her bed.There were three shopping bags filled with clothes and accessories.
“You’d better date david…uhn uhn…I told you o”Eniola said as she opened up the foil cover of the shawarma.
Jemimah was lost in thought.She was really confused and her friends weren’t surprised when in the evening she dressed up to follow them to the party.
David sent a Range rover to pick them up from their off-campus home.

The party was a real mindblowing one.All sorts of assorties were displayed.David took Jemimah around everywhere he went.Jemimah was beginning to like him as he had good sense of humour,funny and lively.David asked her to sit as he went towards the microphone.
“Hello everyone..”He spoke.
There was a huge noise of Dave dollars as that was the nickname his pals gave to him due to his wealth.He laughed and waved his hand for decorum to be.
“All of you guys are urging me to go get married and remember i do tell you,i haven’t found my rose.But now i have and i’m using this medium to introduce to you,Miss Jemimah Typer.Can you please step forward,Sweetheart?”He said pointing at jemimah.
All eyes were on jemimah as she stood up shyly.There was a loud ovation from the crowd.David’s friends came forward to give the duo handshake,lots of envelope was deposited into Jemmy’s hands.She was surprised as she wasn’t the one doing birthday.She later learnt there was no birthday.It’s just a set up party.
David took her to the backyard and knelt before her.
“Jemimah,i really love you.I’m not here to date you,i’m here to make you my wife.I hope my gestures here will convince you that i care.Allow me in your world,let’s come together to raise a newfamily which would rule the world.I love you and that’s never gonna change”He spoke with a very convincing and emotional tone.
Tears welled in Jemimah’s eyes.She had fallen for David!!.
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The story of Ashley and his Family

Genovia is a Constitutional Monarchy
comprising of 17 states, a federal district,
and one territory. The Country is located
in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
between Europe and North America. The
country is located on an Island formally
occupied by England in the 18th century.
The country has over 213 million people,
making it one of the largest nations in
the world. The nation is largely of
European Descent and mostly Catholic.
The country was not inhabited until the
7th century by what is believed to be
early europeans. The country was
founded in 1743 when the Rhodes
Family took control as a monarchy. Since
then, the country has expanded.
The country is home to an unusually large
number of iguanas which rule the state
alongside the monarchy.Their favourite
food to munch on is Aunt Bessie’s
Yorkshire puddings.
My name is nattan ricardo, am fair in
completion, a bit muscular, skiny and tall,
with a pointed nose and thick eye
brows. Medium sized eyes and small pink
lips which complemented my small cute face.
And a dark hair which curled side ways(leaned towards the right). I have
twin brother who looks just like me, but i
had darker pupils, plus his hair rest
leftwards. I think thats the only noticeable physical
variation, you could use to identify either of us.
Other than that he is an extrovert, very
outspoken, outgoing, warm and friendly but
trust you really dont want to get on his
badside. While me on the other hand, liked
keeping to myself, i loved being alone, like i enjoy my own company and in high school i dont really think i have a friend. Most people thought i had a
phsycological problem, while others thinks i have socialphobia. Well its none of the
above, because i was a secret don juan,
although nicholas thinks he could do better
than me when it comes to women. There is
nothing as important to me as my family(my
brother and dad). We lived in genova/genoa
in the streets of montoggio, in a house that
seemed more like a hideout with underground rooms. Which nicholas
always complained about. Just today we
graduated from high school. I was home
quite early while nicholas stayed behind to
have fun.
Me: goodday dad!
Dad: oooh nate you are back he said taking
his eyes of his laptop.
Me: what are you doing dad.
Dad: closes his laptop nate sit down for a
minute. I sat down with lots of thought
flowing through my head. The look on his
face seemed serious. We really look nothing
like him, he had blonde hairs and blue eyes, perhaps we looked more like our mum “whom we have never seen not even in a photo” its like she never existed.
Me: whats wrong dad i asked with searching
Dad: good thing nicholas aint back.
Me; i just smiled.
Dad: nate have watched you and your
brother grow. And i had to put in my best efforts to see you both through
high school. But now i think That the best i can offer
Me: realizing what he was about saying i
kept mute.
Dad: have always seen you as a bright kid
nate, have seen what you could do with
computers but right now am out of cash, i
cant pay your bills anymore! He said
intensifying the his look on me.
Me: still calm# i asked, like we are aint going to college
because you cant pay our bills anymore??
Dad: just nodded in shame, i really need you
to understand this isnt what i wanted.
Me: i do understand but i think we need to
find a way to foot nicholas bills. I cut in
Dad: we???
Me: smilin# dont worry dad i’ll get a part
time job or something, am sure just nicholas
wont be much of a burden to us. More than
anyone i know how badly he wished to go
to university of genova.
Dad: looking at me for a while amused as
tears began to gather up in his eyes. Your
gonna do that for your brother.
Me: yea its nothing, theres nothing more
important to me than you guys. Am even
more glad i’d be able to help.
Dad: hugging me, you are such a wonderful

Just then nicholas came home smiling like
someone who won grammy award.
Nicholas: hahaha whatsup with the hugging??. Perhaps dad you might want to
hug me too course am going to university of
genova to study law!!!! He stressed as he
dad and i just look at each other smiled and
went our seperate ways.
Nicholas: what!!!! Am i not part of this family??? I mean i deserve a hug too you know.
Me: so uhmmm your gonna leave all your high school gfs right.
Nicholas: of course yes old things are past away. He said smiling.
Me: hahah you are very naughty you know that right?.
Nicholas: i know you’ve always craved to have cindy in your arms
hahah, you can have her now.
Me: hahaha no thanks(uhmm am not bad a dude, but have nailed cindy twice).
Nicholas: ok man am read for college. Speaking of college you havent mentioned
Me: me…ooh yess…i just want to work.
Nicholas: work!!! Thats strange.
Me: uhmmm have got to go man, i went into my
dimly lit room, below the house. Laid on my
bed and was soon lost in thought.
Seriously lately, i havent seen dad doing much work perhaps all this years, it must have
being tiring for him having two mouth to feed
and dual bills to settle. Have got to start
working tommorrow. I have dreams too but
i guess its gonna have to wait. I slept of knowing tomorrow is gonna be a big day.
I woke up quite early, took a shower and got dressed it a blue jean half jacket, a black v neck polo and a black sweat pants. So i was ready, i climbed up to the sitting room to see dad already awake.
Me: goodmorning dad i said smiling.
Dad: nate are you sure you want to do this?
Me: come on dad i really want to do this. If it were possible i want you to rest alot. I said smiling
Dad: alright goodluck nate.
I got out smiling the atmosphere seemed wonderful today. After walking the streets for a while, i got to a supermarket. And decided to try it out, uhmm i actually wanted to work at the gas station. Perhaps if this supermarket could pay wonderfully perhaps i’d just stick with them. I thought as walked in to see the cashier, a cute, mean looking girls with brown pupils.
Me: excuse me
Girl: ok??
Me: uhmm i need a part time job, can i speak with the owner for a minute.
Girl: smiling luckily we have quite a lot of vacancies. Like picking trash or arranging the heavy items in the store and help customers carry them out.
Me: impressive so whats my fee gonna be like
Girl: hahah you havent even see the manager cute boy.
Me: smiling# oooh yes plssss i said giving her signs to lead me there, she just smiled.
We got into his office and he was around after much bidding i was gonna be paid 50genovino and i’ll have to work for atleast half a day. I went home smilling, i could do two jobs in a day i said to myself and smiled.
I got into the house still wearing those smiles.
Nicholas: wooow dad look hahah his got a job.
Me: yup, uhmmm but its just 50genovino
Dad: thats a wonderful start nate
Nicholas: nate you’ve got to work hard and get me a car too he said smiling.
Me: huuuh a car!!!
Nicholas: come on nate its college and not high school you know.
Me: hahahah plssss i have to take a wonderful nap.
Nicholas: aint you gonna eat your food.
Me: who prepared it??
Nicholas: me of course.
Me: hahaha no way i’d rather starve!!
Dad: hahahah i told you nic your brother doesnt trust you cooking abilities.
Nicholas: hahaha just because he can cook doesnt make him any better.
Me: yes captain!!, i went straight to my room and fell on the bed.

I got up early got dressed and was off to work. Suprisingly the cashier was already sitted. On her sit just at the entrance, surrounded by a double tempered glass.
Me: gooodmorning…….??
Cashier: smiling# ashley
Me: you are always early right?
Ashley: yea.
Me: great cos i’d like to be seeing those wonderful smiles everymorning.
Ashley: hahah am sure you will
Me: so what am i supposed to be doing.
Ashley: trust me you would want to rest a bit first.
Me: uhmm am ready
Ashley: oook lets go then
we walked to the part of the store that seemed like a storage room. But there were lots of big bags properly arranged, flour, rice, soya etc.
Me: what am i supposed to do here?
Ashley: you’d have to take some of this to the stand over there and your gonna be helping the customers, to carry there items to there car or to the cab.
Me: ok and??
Ashley: thats all for now she said smiling.
Me: ok thanks for the tips
Ashley: you owe me one she said winking.
Well judging from ashleys explanation, its gonna be quite easy. I thought as i tried carrying a bag of flour. After i few trial it was finally in my arms but it was pretty heavy. I couldnt hold it for long, i dropped it quickly and went back to ashley, but customers were already everywhere..
Me: ooh my God. I watched as ashley introduced me to the customers.
Ashley: thats nattan over there, he’d help you with your items, do have a wonderful shopping.
Just then i heard a voice, a feminine voice precisely.
Lady: you are nattan right?
Me: smiling yes ma’am looking at her blonde hair and blue eyes lady.
Lady: could you help me with those? She said pointing at her two hug brown paper bags.
Me; smiling# my pleasure ma’am. I said grabbing the bags in both arm and walked to her car.
Lady: ooh dear to the trunk plss. I put it in the trunk and i could see glad smiles on her face.
Me: feel free to stop by next time.
Lady: ofcourse i will, she handed 20bucks over to me.
Me: uhmm actually my service to you is free as you are our customer.
Lady: i know that, its just thank you.
Me: smiling# ok i said collecting the money, you are always welcome. She smiled and drove off.
Ashley: nate!!! You’ve been attending to just on customer for so long. You have to hurry, there lots of customer to attend to.
I quickly rushed in still smiling helping others as fast as i could, talking pretty fast too and soon i was done for the day.
Me: aaaaaahhhh i felt my body crying like it was tortured.
Ashley: hahhaha whats wrong.
Me: siting close to her, smiling am dying ashley.
Ashley: hahah ok maybe i should help you relax a bit, she moved behind me, massaging my shoulders softly.
Me: closing my eyes arrrhh, hmmm this feels so good.
Ashley: dont worry its your first day, you’d get used to it soon.
Me; i’ll never be used to it ashley i said groaning. Have got to go.
Ashley: alright nate see ya!
I walked slowly and finally got home, as i bent forward like someone who has broken a rib.
Dad: nate whats wrong??
Me: smiling# work! I said walking pass him when i ran in nicholas who gave me a hard hug.
Me: ooouch!!! Dont do that. I got to my room and collapsed on my bed.
Nicholas: dad whats wrong with him.
Dad: work!! He said and left.
Nicholas: hahaha you guys are acting weird but have got a date, am outta here.
I slept off immediately, woke up took my shower. The work was d--n! Too hectic for just 50bucks. I thought as i slept of again.
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Thursday, 18 April 2019

The prohibited love of two couples

The pill was clamped tightly between
my thumb and forefinger, suspended
over the glass of juice as I battled with
my conscience.
How could this be wrong when he was
my husband besides goodness knew it
was because I loved him with every
atom of my being, I was doing this.
This was a good thing, I told myself.
If it was such a good thing, why didn’t I
talk to him about it? Why not tell him
everything including what had
happened two weeks back when he had
been away on his trip? He would
understand, wouldn’t he?
Shaking my head, I answered my own
question that he couldn’t handle it, he
couldn’t handle the truth. Kevwe was so
possesive and telling him would only do
more harm. It would be better this way.
Abby, my close friend who was a
pharmacist had assured me that the pill
was to get him so excited he would
perform for longer than he usually did
which was something I was in dire
need for.
Toe curling, mind numbing pleasure, a
feeling so sweet I had not known
existed until a few days ago
when….when I had been rudely
violated against my will…or had it been
against my will?
Could I say it had been against my will
when I had been pretty much into it.
The incident had kept running through
my mind like a video tape on loop but
the annoying part was my skin still
prickled with goose flesh when I
thought about it, when I thought about
the stranger who had expertly
manipulated my body and led me to so
much pleasure.
I wondered who he could be, did he
stay in the neighbourhood and if I’d
been chosen randomly or did he know
me personally? I suspected the latter
because the way he had touched,
fondled, kissed my skin so tenderly and
in such a gentle but demanding
way..he definitely knew me and might
have thought about having me to
himself for a while before making his
At first I had resisted, I had just wanted
to lie still until he was done but truth
be told when his fingers and lips had
began its slow but deliberate
ministrations upon my body, I had
willingly surrendered and given myself
up to him. I doubt there were many red
blooded females who could have
resisted giving in when tortured with
such sweet pleasure.
Now, how could I tell Kevwe, my
husband and the man who I deeply was
in love with, that I had been sweetly
ravaged by a stranger and had loved
every moment of it? It would destroy
him, absolutely kill him to know I
preferred a stranger’s touch to his. It
wasn’t even fair to him if to keep
replaying it in my mind and I needed
to get rid of the thoughts in my head
quickly before he became suspicious.
With a resigned sigh I let the pill drop
into the drink, stirring it softly with a
spoon and watching it dissolve. This
was for the best, I reaffirmed.
And if after the pill he still didn’t
perform as well as I need? I wondered
briefly but that was a risk I had to take.
Kevwe wasn’t an awful lover, he was a
tall and attractive virile young man
who I was attracted to but the problem
was sex with him ended too soon and
he never took the time to tease my
body into arousal. I had never minded
before, not until I had erupted with
sheer pleasure beneath the stranger’s
Picking up the tray and turning
around, I decided it was time to do this
when I saw Kevwe standing in the
doorway, shirtless with a curious
expression on his features.
“Jesus,” I exclaimed in shock as the
glass rattled on the tray, it was a
marvel that I didn’t drop it. My mind
raced as I wondered if he had seen me
drop the pill. “You scared me, Kevwe.
How long have you been standing
“A while,” his baritone voice boomed as
his gaze held suspicion. “Long enough
to see you drop something in my
drink….what was that pill, Onome?”
“What? I didn’t….” I began but he cut
me off.
“I saw you clearly so don’t even think
about lying.” He said stepping into the
room, still staring at me with such
distrust and suspicion.
I quivered stepping back reflexively but
my back only bumped into the kitchen
cabinet, my heart beat increased
slightly in tempo. There was no where
to run and I had to face this head on.
D–n it, what had I done? How could I
explain this?
I set the tray back on the counter
hoping to buy some time knowing fully
well I was in deep s–t here and my
next words might bury me deeper into
“I put an aspirin in it because I heard
you complain….” I began but he didn’t
let me finish. Holding up his hand to
stop my badly concocted lie, my voice
trailed off.
“ know I can spot your lies
easily but still you choose to lie? You
want to me dead, don’t you?” He
suddenly asked, his voice raised and I
became afraid that the neighbours
would hear him. I didn’t want anyone
else dragged into this mess I had
“I … I can explain, it wasn’t to kill you,
Kevwe please…” I begged but he was
now too riled to listen.
“Explain what? That you poisoned my
drink? That you planned to end my
“No, no, I would never. You know I love
you, my heart.. you know….” I tried but
he wasn’t listening.
“I don’t know anything, I only know
what I saw and I saw that you want to
kill me, since you put a strange pill into
my drink and you are lying about it…
The neighbours must hear this, the
whole street must hear this!”
Ah… Kevwe..Baby.. please I am ready
to tell the truth…” I dropped on my
knees, this couldn’t be happening, my
foolishness was going to ruin me. “My
love please…I swear I will tell the truth
He kept quiet, looking down at me, as if
considering whether to hear me out or
not, I didn’t wait for him to decide
because he looked ready to go into the
streets screaming bloody murder.
“Baby, it’s not poison I swear…it’s not.”
I began my voice shaking.
“Then what is it?”
“It’s…” How would I say this?
“What.” He barked and I jumped.
“It’s Viagra.” I said averting my gaze. I
couldn’t bring myself to look at him
after that.
“What… why?…For what? What are you
not telling me Onome?”
I looked up at him then and seeing the
confusion on his face, I knew I had to
come totally clean.
“Baby…” I tried to start still on my
knees but he cut me off.
“Don’t Baby me, just come out with it.
What are you not telling me?” He asked
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The trip to Benin with doctor gbenga

Agric Bus Stop
arguably boasted of one of the
highest number of people that
lived in Ikorodu. A market
woman screamed at a man who
was half running to catch a bus
that had just one more seat left,
and in the process, scattered
some of her fresh peppers on
the ground.
she screamed obscenities at the
man at the top of her lungs. The
culprit was already in the bus. If
he heard the curses rained on
him, he didn’t show it. I smiled
wryly, bent and began helping
the woman pick the pepper
scattered on the floor. I washed
my hands with the water she
provided and continued on my
way home. I was feeling
particularly happy though. I had
just experienced a wonderful
time in the arms of my
heartthrob. I called in sick from
work and had spent the past
5hours with her. She was going
to be away for quite a while,
studying for her Masters in
Canada. I had a quick flash back
in my subconscious. The smile
grew wider.
I crossed to the other side of the
road. I needed to take a “keke
napep” to the entrance of my
street. I still had a little bit of
distance to cover so I increased
my pace. I wondered why there
were so much people in this part
of Lagos. It is the outskirts of the
commercial center of the city and
yet it was a host to a lot of new
tenants every day. I dreamt of
one day owning plots of land in
Banana Island, having properties
on Queens Drive Ikoyi or even a
big Hotel in Lekki. Not this
dumpster I had to hide in
because of my past.
“Owa o.” I said to the driver as I
got to my bus stop. I paid him,
collected my change and
watched as he zoomed off. I
waited patiently at the bus stop
for the road to clear so I could
cross and enter my street. I was
still waiting there when all of a
sudden, a black tinted Toyota
camry screeched to a stop in
front of me. The back door
yanked open and a huge man,
dark glasses, wearing a mafia
suit came out of the car, gave me
a blinding slap and then bundled
me inside the car. The car sped
off. All happened in seconds.
My head was ringing; I felt blood
on my lips. I touched my lower
lip. There was a little cut and it
was a bit swollen. It took a while
for my eyes to readjust to the
darkness inside the car. I was
sandwiched between two huge
men. The one who hit me was on
my right. I could tell because he
still had his glasses on. I studied
my environment trying to make
out any detail that would help
me. The dimly lit car did not help
matters. Two guys. I guessed
they were thugs. The other guy
wore a body hugging t-shirt,
silver necklace and had a huge
mustache. He was smoking and
did not seem to care about me.
The driver wore a face cap. Met
his eyes about once or twice
from the rear view mirror. There
was no other passenger in front.
I could feel the eyes of my captor
on me. I wanted to speak but
was afraid to. I opened my
mouth. Nothing came out. I was
still in a state of shock. I quickly
said a prayer for God to forgive
me of my sins. I was too young
too die. Different thought
crossed my mind. These guys
looked a little bit sophisticated. I
did not owe any one money. I
did not do any bad deals. Had my
old life finally caught up with me?
I managed to catch a glimpse of
the macho’s wristwatch. It was
pure gold. Welders. Were they
ritual killers? I shuddered at the
thought. So this was how I was
going to die?
We were driving at high speeds,
avoiding the small roads and
sticking to the freeway. My eyes
were accustomed to the dimly lit
vehicle. I decided if I was going
to die, I should at least know
what was happening. As I made
to open my mouth, Macho man’s
phone rang.
“Hello ma. Yes ma’am, we got the
package. Okay ma.”
The other guy finished his
cigarette and lit another one.
Package? Am I the package? A
woman was calling the shots?
I decided to be brave.
“Good evening sir. Please sir
what I have I done? Where are
you taking me? I beg you in the
name…” I began to say, facing
Macho man.
The smoking thug gave me a
powerful back hand slap to the
side of my face.
I passed out.
The room was spacious and
wide. Exotic furniture neatly
arranged at the corners of the
huge sitting room. The blinds
were slightly drawn allowing a
trickle of early morning sun into
the room. There was a huge
plasma on the wall and a bar to
its left. The walls were painted
white with an accent of blood
red here and there in the room.
The blinds were red, the couch,
the reclining chair, the little table
and even the bar was painted
red. Every other thing was in
pure white including the ceiling.
Sophia paced uneasily to and fro.
She had a bottle of Baileys on
one hand and a wine cup in the
other. She was restless. She was
worried. Bruno and Marshal
were yet to get back to her. This
was a simple mission. Get the
boy, and bring him to the safe
house. She did not trust those
fools but they had been highly
recommended by Gambo. Now
they were nowhere to be found.
Her phone rang again, it was the
General. She had this strong
desire not to answer the phone.
But the General always knew. She
answered it on the first ring.
“What is the situation on ground,
S?” The General asked. She could
see the wrinkles on his forehead.
The General always knew. She
was sure he already knew what
the situation was. He had spies
everywhere. That was why he
was called the General. Everyone
feared him. No one dared him.
Very few people have met him.
And the General hardly calls.
When he did, there was trouble.
“The situation is under control
sir.” Sophia answered.
“I did not ask if the situation was
under control. I asked WHAT the
situation is. I am going to call you
pretty soon. You had better have
an answer for me.” He said and
hung up.
Typical General. Always the last to
speak and never failing to seize
an opportunity to keep you edgy.
She knew that he knew that the
fools she had sent to bring in the
boy were MIA. This was her first
major assignment. She really did
not want to flop. She originally
wanted to take a subtle measure.
Lure him in with some girl. But
that would take time and there
was a chance he would not fall
for the bait. Force was the only
They had been watching Sean for
three months now, twenty four
hours round the clock. They had
a different agent on him every
six hours. He had been chosen as
the ideal candidate. Perfect
height. Perfect age. Perfect face,
countenance, education and
work orientation. All that
remained was to determine his
lifestyle and how a typical day for
Sean looked like. Sophia spent
hours going over each agent’s
report about Sean. She was
always with her radio; the agents
would phone in to say that Sean
had changed routine or gone
somewhere away from their
jurisdiction. This was where her
leadership came in. She would
order them to follow or let him
be. She had pulled her strings
twice. Sean had made plans to
travel out of the city. He had
bought a ticket to fly to Abuja.
This was going to put a huge
hole in their plans. He had to be
kept in the city at all costs. A call
was made to the General. Sean
was held back at work and
denied leave to travel. Another
time, his office had made plans
for his department to travel for a
refresher course in Kenya. Sophia
was informed. The trip was
terminated. They had contacts
everywhere including the
government. When they wanted
something, they always got it.
They had considered kidnapping
his girlfriend. The General did not
want the silly police force
involved. They would just be
crawling everywhere, impeding
progress. This was going to be a
snatch and grab operation. Very
few witnesses, if any. Sean lived a
reckless life. His mother hardly
monitored him. She believed he
was capable of handling himself.
They sometimes went three
weeks without communicating.
He had no close friends. His
girlfriend was travelling out of
the country. She was the only
worry. A slight worry that could
be easily fixed.
So they had decided to ‘grab’
Sean. They waited patiently for
the opportunity. A black Toyota
Prado was parked across the
street opposite New Inn, the
hotel that Sean and his girlfriend
were in. They waited for five
hours, listening in on their
conversation and their sex. Sean
had been bugged. As usual.
There was a different agent
every day and a different agent
for this purpose. A handshake, a
hug, a collision, whatever
brought physical contact. And
they were good. The microchip
was planted on him. The
transmitter was live. Sean never
suspected anything. They most
times knew of his plans for the
next day. So they had planned
the smash and grab to
perfection. They knew he was
going home to see his mother
that evening. They knew his
girlfriend was going out of the
country. They knew he would
always wait to cross the road
when he got down from the
“keke napep”. That was when
they would strike. They only
hoped that he would not cross
the road too soon or decide not
to go home. If that happened
they would have to hatch
another plan.
A Toyota Camry was at Agric bus
stop waiting for the signal to
know when they would move.
The Toyota Prado trailed the bus
Sean was in. It was easy. Sophia
was listening in the whole time
via radio communication. She
chipped in orders here and there
and monitored the whole
operation. The Toyota Camry
traced the “keke-napep”,
increased speed when Sean got
off and picked him up at the bus
stop. It was done. Mission
accomplished. She called Marshal
to confirm if he had the package.
He was positive. The journey
would take approximately 8
hours. They knew that. All
contingency measures had been
put in place. All possible
loopholes were closed and taken
care of. And if anything else came
up unexpectedly out of the blues,
there was Bruno. He was the
brain. He had the ability of split
second thinking. He was able to
come up with ideas to go past
seemingly impassable hurdles.
But Sophia did not envision any
problems. She had spoken to
Marshal again at 2am when they
were leaving Benin City, Edo
State. All was going smoothly. She
had decided to take a much
needed nap.
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